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PropTechNOW.com.au is owned and operated by Agentpoint.com.au who is a specialist real estate technology company providing exclusive services to the real estate industry since 2001. PropTechNOW was initially created by Peter Ricci who is a pioneer in the real estate space in Australia and also the founder of Agentpoint.com.au. Peter has been writing about Real Estate on Proptechnow.com.au since 2002 and is passionate about real estate and technology.

After moving to the United States in 2010, Peter stepped away from PropTechNOW and as a result the website was in hiatus for around 4 years. Due to the success of Agentpoint and ability to allocate more resources to PropTechNOW, led by Ryan O’Grady PropTechNOW was resurrected in 2019.

Our mission at PropTechNOW is to help real estate agents and other real estate tech stakeholders better understand the technology across the real estate space.

Today PropTechNOW has over 900 articles, 12,000 comments and has a growing list of contributors to the site.

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