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2005 Agent Resolutions.

1. I will take control of the Internet. The days of redirecting your traffic are over. Any Agency that re-directs their…

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Do it with style.

When I think of Apple Computers, I think of really pretty toys for people who insist on being different. For years…

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Getting Images Right In Photoshop

One of the most important aspects of Internet advertising is taking quality photography of properties. After you have taken a great…

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Primus blasts broadband speed to 6Mbps

Primus has finally become the first company to release true broadband in Australia with speeds reaching a scorching 6 megabytes per…

ADSL2+, iPrimus

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Get Firefox!

Ok it is time you understood one thing. Using Internet Explorer as your default browser is just plumb dumb.

Firefox, Internet Explorer

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Do Agents Need VOIP? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Want to make FREE phone calls between offices and sales staff? Want to make cheap calls to customers? Want to more…


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Newspapers Love Tough Times for Agents

Whenever there is a slowdown in the real estate market, newspapers lick their lips in anticipation of huge increases in revenues.


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How to minimise SPAM in your workplace

Many Agents I speak to tell me they are inundated with SPAM and I have compiled a list of must do’s…

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Agent Website Mistakes

Agent Website Mistake Number 1 – The Splash Page Any agent that has a splash page, music or animation as an…

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