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Ok it is time you understood one thing. Using Internet Explorer as your default browser is just plumb dumb.

After Microsoft killed off al rivals by tying it in with the Windows Operating System it has done little to enhance the user experience since then, in fact the whole thing has gone backwards!

Microsoft’s ActiveX program has to be one of the dumbest innovations in the history of IT. This allowed unscrupulous websites to directly access site users computers and has led to so many undesirables being installed on peoples computers all over the world.

Not until service pack 2 released in August has there been any major change to the way Internet explorer works.


This week we saw a new browser on the market and it is taking the world by storm. Firefox is FREE, twice as fast, simple and compatible and most importantly has features that make browsing web sites so much safer.

Its code dates to Netscape and its open-source successor, Mozilla, but in the two years since Firefox debuted as a tiny, browser-only offshoot it has become the standout product of the Internet age.

Download it today!

Tabbed Browsing
If you have not heard of tabbed browsing then I am sorry because once you browse the Internet this way you will wonder why you never had this feature before.

Google Rumours
There are rumours circulating that Google is going to support Firefox with its own derivative and if this happens goodbye Microsoft Internet Explorer. Google just has so much power with Internet users it could take this product into the stratosphere. My bet is that it will.

Firefox Features
Tabbed Browsing – Open Multiple sites in one window
Pop Up Blocker – Automatically blocks those annoying pop ups.
No Active X Support – Stops undesirables taking over your PC
Automatic Updates – Keeps your browser secure.
Google Search – Automatically includes this feature.

So there it is get Firefox today and install it across your companies PC’s.

Download it today!

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