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Why Movies are the Future for Agents

Ok , there are not too many believers out there when it comes to property listing movies being downloaded by consumers,…


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Adding your site to MSN Search

Microsoft through its search engine have been playing catch up lately and have released a new search service. This is gaining…

MSN Search

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Adding your site to Yahoo

To submit your site to Yahoo you will need to register with them first. It is a fairly straight forward process….

Yahoo Search

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Adding your site to Sensis Search

Sensis, since its million$ launch last year has hardly made an impact on the search engine landscape. However you still should…

Sensis Search

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Why your site might NOT be listed in Google

There are a number of reasons why your site may not be listed. The Google website explains why this may be…

Google Search

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Getting the Basics of your site right for Google

As just about every single Agents website is set up completely wrong in relation to optimisation for indexing your website in…

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Fairfax twiddling thumbs

While we are seeing a surge in national portals, new real estate property guides (newspaper style)and the News Limited really…


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Blurring the News

Newspapers have been doing it for years and now it seems commercial TV is also joining in on the party! Australian…

Newspapers, Television

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Microsoft to Launch Paid Search Advertising

Microsoft is set to launch an online advertising program this week. The new search products are designed to challenge search engine…

Continue Reading 0 Release New Website Design have released a new website design and first impressions,…well they impress! It is so much cleaner than their last site…


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Power to the People

All over Australia in the coming months we are going to see Power Utility companies offering Internet access and other services…


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Choosing the right web Developer – Be Careful!

When contracting a web developer there are a number of things you should know. These are things that are not often…

Web Designers

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Google – The Allegra Update

Google is the King of Search and every now and then creates an update to its algorithms that determines how results…

Continue Reading 0 puts foot down on Images has put the foot down on real estate agents that do not place images with listings telling them that on…


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Rate rises + marketing plan!

Anyone knows that when interest rates rise (any points) it does have an impact on the property market. This rate rise…


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Thank you to for providing me with a copy of their new Eastern Suburbs property guide (paper). Even though I…


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