Avaya hits our Shores!

Many of you might not of heard of a company called Avaya, but for any real estate agency that has more than one office, you will hear alot more of them in the near future. I picked up the Sydney Morning Herald today and turned to the Icon insert and found Avaya advertising in Australia for the first time.

Why is AVAYA so important? They are an IP Phone expert (VOIP) and an American company that has made its mark by providing large companies with IP telephony solutions. The interesting thing about this company is that they will be the first to provide corporate IP phone services to Small to Medium Enterprises. VOIP phone services are are godsend for Agents, who for years have been paying way to much money on basic fixed line services and VOIP will change this.

How it works.
Ok, this is a service that will work with your existing network and is geared towards Agencies that have multiple offices and want to save on call costs between these offices. All inter office calls are completely FREE of any charges. So if all of your offices have handsets and are inter-connected you will not pay any phone charges at all between offices.

It will depend on your current set up, but let us say each office has 10 phones, you will need a handset to replace each one. The approximate costs per office range from about $4,500.00.

As you can see it can be quite expensive to start with and this is why it is geared towards multi office agencies.

The great thing about the service however is that if you have offices in different states the calls can be routed through the state offices so all calls placed are only charged at local call rates.

Over time the fees and charges will drop considerably, but AVAYA are old hands at this technology and I think it is best to go with quality in these situations.

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