Just Listed Bundled with Trading Post

As predicted on this site Just Listed has begun bundling the Just Listed Guide (Sydney)in with the Trading Post Newspaper. This could be the start of Just Listed going nationwide, or it could be the start of Just Listed going down. Whilst the bundling of Just Listed (owned by Sensis) makes some sense for Sensis (sorry) but it could have a negative impact on the magazines value. Here’s why!

The Trading Post has an historical place in the market of being a bargain hunters treasure trove. Houses are not bargains, nor should they be viewed as bargains, for most consumers property purchases are the most serious investment they will make in their lifetime. Another reason is that buyers of the Trading Post are not generally on the lookout for a house (although properties have been advertised in the paper for some time).

Positive Spin
Whilst Sensis will be putting a positive spin on this, I think they will get a very lukewarm reception from Agents. Another reason is that it costs only a few dollars for private advertisers to advertise in the Trading Post, so Sensis will be caught between a rock and a hard place, on the one hand convincing Agents to advertise in Just Listed and the other trying to woo as many private advertisers to the Trading Post.

Going National?
Just Listed last year announced it would be going national by the middle of this year, this will be a test for them as I really do not think they can, most Agents I speak to do not get any real results from the website and the only reason they advertise is because it is FREE.

Sensis more than any other company in Australia’s history has blundered from one IT purchase to another and their balance sheet from purchases would be in the red by at least a couple of hundred million dollars, will Just Listed go the same way?

Interesting times ahead!

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  • Get your facts right
    Posted May 9, 2005 at 9:33 pm 0Likes

    I am a just listed user and i get heaps of enquiries. I have stopped using domain.com.au and realestate.com.au as my sales come from justlisted.com.au

    I dont know where you get your facts, certainly not from agents. Sounds like your sources are ficticious, if not post there names. Just because something is for free doesn’t mean we will use it. Why do you think we continue to put our listings. Why not register to receive Just Listed Alerts and see how many new listings you’ll receive in your inbox. The fact that we agents continue to use justlisted.com.au is because it’s working. Why not check the Nielson report, justlisted.com.au ranked 4th in Australia (not bad considering they are only in Sydney, Central Coast & Blue Mountains). They also have the most ‘frequency’ of returning users than all real estate portals Australia wide.

    You sound a little xxxxxx off with Sensis, I wonder if you’ve ever approached them with an idea and they said thanks but no thanks. This may explain your obsession with bagging them.

    Yours Sincerly,
    Well Informed (Did not provide name and provided fake email address)

    NB: Judging from the 0 comments you are wasting your time in writing this and other xxxx. What makes you qualified to speak in this arena. Ever sold any properties?…i doubt it.

  • Mike Hussey
    Posted May 12, 2005 at 8:37 pm 0Likes

    Hi Peter, well you certainly got this person upset. Keep up the good work and don’t worry about people like this, our industry has plenty of idiots (fancy thinking Just Listed gets results like realestate.com.au, fact is no-one outside of Sydney knows about the website, so if this person is a real estate agent and they are serious, they are only costing themselves money)

    xx See you next week at the expo!

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