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Google Earth a Real threat to!

Ok,I have downloaded and used Google Earth now for about 4 weeks, I actually had the first version but Australia was…

Google, Sensis, Whereis

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One thing that has come to my attention recently is for residential agencies and commercial listings on the portal. If…


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Workplace Relations Reforms – A little Rant

With so much focus nationally on workplace relations reforms I thought I would put my two bob’s worth in. Why you…

Work Choices

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What is Broadband?

With a slew of offerings from many Internet companies these days it seems to me that we need a complete re-think…


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Where is the simple VOIP Service?

For Voice Over Internet (VOIP) to be successful we need to have a company deliver a solution with a handset provider….


Continue Reading 0 acquires UK Portal and News International (News Ltd to us) have jointly acquired UK Property Portal had a good look through the…

Propertyfindder, REA

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