Google Earth a Real threat to!

Ok,I have downloaded and used Google Earth now for about 4 weeks, I actually had the first version but Australia was pretty poorly covered. However I can now pinpoint my street and also my house in Bondi Beach Sydney. I can also see my sisters house and my parents/friends houses.

Not only this I can actually tag this information for other people to see. It really is a developers dream. Developers we will be able to tag information by simple viewing a property and inputting the co-ordinates. Hook into the Google Earth communication server and draw a series of maps from a variety of distances so that the home buyer can view the property location.

I have already employed a developer to do something like this. This is so much more useful and let alone fun for people than other offerings such as where if I wanted to this this I would need to pay money to the company for pretty much useless information. It may work for cars but and other offerings are pretty uselss for web users.


Yes Google Earth is the real deal and it is going to have some severe ramifications for the Sensis owned This is becuase developers can get access to the system and use it for free on their websites.

I will report on this at a later date when I can provide you all with a demonstration.

Note: Link no longer exists.

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  1. Mark June 17, 2009 at 11:17 am #

    Peter, the image that you refer to (your house location) is missing.

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