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Yellow Pages Re-think

It is that time of year again – a time of year where we are all faced with advertising in the…

Yellow Pages

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Creating Content that Resonates

Too often overlooked when we think of property listings is the actual text content. Here we will have a look at…


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Neilson Netratings just does not add up! (update)

I recently asked an acquaintance of mine who works in marketing for a major franchise if he could supply me with…

Neilson Netratings

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After getting off to one of the worst starts for any portal (bar justlisted), it seems Propertylook owners may be ready…

Propertylook, REA

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Google buys writely!

Google recently purchased small online word processing company Writely for an undisclosed sum of money. This has Microsoft worried, however I…

Google, Writely

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Internet overtakes television in UK – new poll from Google claims!

If Free to Air television did not have enough problems with Pay TV taking market share and advertising revenues away from…


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Image Rules!

When it comes to images (photography) of property listings it is important to remember the age old saying “every picture tells…


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Choosing your Domain name

I remember a few years ago talking to an agent about their domain name choice and hearing him say to me…

Domain Names

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No excuses on Firefox browser compatability!

For some 2 years now web developers have known about Internet Explorer’s (the software you use to browse the Internet) open…


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National Residential Showdown 2006

Rating real estate portals can be a tricky thing but I think it is important for agent to know which ones…

Domain, Homehound, REA

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Listings Management Software

Many of today’s Private Real Estate Agents need software to manage their listings. Listing management systems aid these agents to have…

Listing Management

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Broadband …..I don’t think so

Got yourself a super fast broadband connection? Well if you believed Bigpond/Optus and others that claim in advertising that super fast…

ADSL2+, Broadband

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Just Listed to launch nationwide?

Technorati Profile

Just Listed

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Homehound to offer Premium Listings

How inventive! Homehound are now offering Premium listings for $50.00. I have been saying for a while that these new sites…


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Can anyone touchup has become the number one site across Australia and now they are looking to conquer other countries. This is the…


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Ask Peter: What do you think of the new Bigpond Movie Downloads Service?

Well, when I first received this question I thought….what has it got to do with real estate? Not much, however it…


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Ask Peter – What is the most important aspect of an Agents website?

Well this is not so tough – it is usability. Too often Agents think of themselves when developing a website. Think…

Listing Management

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Ask Peter – What is the state of the market in Hobart?

Well this is not a field I have expertise in and as such I cannot offer advice that is worthwhile. Unfortunately…


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Windows Vista coming soon in 2006

Microsoft this week announced. The new version will be out in a few months time. However in the meantime here is…


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2006 Report – The Year Ahead

Ok, it is this time of year again when I start to make predictions as to the future in Real Estate…

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