Choosing your Domain name

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I remember a few years ago talking to an agent about their domain name choice and hearing him say to me that the reason realestate.com.au is the best is because of their domain name. There is no doubt having a great domain name is a good start but the reason for their success has really nothing to do with their domain name. They have a good business model, smart aggressive marketing and a website that works.

So what does a good domain name contain? The first thing is ease of understanding. Think of someone walking out your door. “What is your domain name?” they say as they leave you office. If you can tell them your name without explanations then you are off to a good start. Having hyphens, doubling up of letters, hard to spell name will only confuse people. You should be able to tell them and they understand it straight away.

You should also make sure that your site users do not have to type in www. This is easily configurable by your developer. As an example all major sites work with or without the www.

Believe me your front office administrator can easily be frustrated by continually saying go to www. instead of your name only.

So choose a name that is easy to write down, understand and remember. If all else fails offer realestate.com.au $200 million for theirs.

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