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Many of today’s Private Real Estate Agents need software to manage their listings. Listing management systems aid these agents to have all of their property data exported to all of the major portals in Australia and New Zealand.

Listings management software allows agents to manage (read, add/edit text data and images/vr tours etc) all of their listings in one convenient location and have it exported to any sites the agents has membership with (including their own site).

This saves agents time and money by allowing them to manage their listings in one location. Put simply if you are on 3 portals and also have your own website then for each new property you will have to add images, files, text and other information four (4) times. Every time you edit this listing you will have to do it four (4) times. With listings management systems you do it once and the software exports all of your data for you (including images). So if you have 4 updates to make for every listing this software saves you up to 75% of your time and maintains data integrity (consistent property data across all sites)
There are a number of companies across Australia and New Zealand that do this (including my own). As I do own a company that provides this service I do not think it fair that I revue/write about my or any of my competitors systems.

This is just so you know what software is available. If I have missed any companies I will be happy to add their offerings to this list as long as they can actually prove that they provide this service.

I have used text from their own websites, so if there is a bit of marketing speak, this is because it is what they have written.

Many of these companies offer other products as well for agents and other industries.
HubOnline is a suite of Internet and Intranet based products that allows real estate franchises, franchisees and independent real estate operators to manage their entire office’s websites, sales network, management reports, direct marketing tools and property listings, all online.

My Desktop
Listings can be loaded to the agents own web site, domain.com.au, realestate.com.au, property.com.au, realestatewa.com.au, realtyonline.com.au and rentfind.com.au simultaneously.

With PortPlus, the database can push property information and images to external portals. Agents can use this content for their own websites including their parent company website. This saves agents time and money required to maintain property listings, open for inspections and other content for multiple websites.

Agentpoint (operated by the author of this website)
Concentrates 100% on managing and exporting real estate agents listings to their own website (seamless integration) and all of the major portals in Australia and New Zealand, including realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, homehound.com.au, commercialrealestate.com.au, realcommercial.com.au, realenz.co.nz and many more.

So if you are in need of a system to manage your listings contact one of the above companies. Pricing varies from company to com[pany but make sure you choose a company that:

1. Has a proven track record
2. Can easily integrate your current listings
3. Can integrate their system into your current site or develop a new site to suit your needs
4. Provides customer support when you need it! – Monday to Saturday!

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