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Is this the Future?

Now, I have seen a mapping site that has just blown me away. It uses data from and uses the…

Google Earth, Google Maps

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Is it time for an independent agents organisation?

I have been talking about this for a long time now. Is it time that all of the independent agents across…

Independant Agents

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Mapping and Advertising

Elizabeth raised a wonderful question in regards to advertising and mapping. She is worried that a mapping site will just be…

Advertising, Google Maps

Continue Reading 18 moves to Google Maps (well sort of) are now trialling Google Maps, which is a sure sign that they will be dumping there mapping system altogether shortly….

Google Maps, REA

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How to build a successful portal!

So PBL wants to play with the big boys of real estate! I may be a small voice, but I think…


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PBL to launch an online real estate portal!

News has been rife this last week that PBL would be launching an online Real Estate Portal to rival and…

MyHome, PBL

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Domain launches new website recently launched its new website and to be honest, I really cannot see what they have got right! It isn’t…

Domain, Google Maps

Continue Reading 13 reaches 3 million visitors per month reached a milestone recently with the site hitting over 3 million unique visitors for the month of August. 350,000 listings…

Neilson Netratings, REA

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