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I receive about 20 questions a week, some of them I will not address here, if the user includes their email address I do try to respond directly. Some of the questions are very good and some I simply do not understand….so here are a few of the questions/comments I receive….

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I own a small software development company, which develops websites and real estate portals using my systems developed in-house. My major system, is a web based platform that allows agents to list and have the data exported to all of the major real estate portals/free portals and includes integration with agency websites. My system is called Agentpoint, but I do not mention my company here on this site unless I also mention my competitors, so here goes, MyDesktop, Hub Online, Portplus there are others but these are the major players in this market.

I also have a testlab of other products under development, many of which will not see the light of day, but I consider this my ‘happy place’, where all of my ridiculous ideas become even more ridiculous.

Q: I would like to introduce you to the ‘what’s next’ in Melbourne’s real estate game. It’s called click2view online property video clips. It has been received very well and real estate agents like Kay & Burton, Hocking Stuart and LJ Hooker are embracing this very powerful advertising medium.
A: Not really a question, but flagrant self promotion, but I like the concept – good luck with it!

Q: Are you and Simon Baker sleeping together?
A: No, not that I know about, however as I sleep alone, he may slide in next to me and whisper in my ears the virtues of how great are and how they are loved by all and no follow up questions about whether I am gay, I am not – not that there is anything wrong with that!

Q: Why are you so against us agents adveristing in newspapers?
A: Well I am not, but on a value for money basis, it is a waste of money, newspaper advertising (property guides) is relegated to promoting your agency these days, the vast majority of people who are looking to buy look online, that is why this site exists!

This is why, newspapers and property guides give consumers only a few photos, limited textual information (is that a word?)

Yes, people still read these guides, but it is more for fun, lying on a couch, if they see a property they are interested in they go online….and if they have all of the information they need – they then contact an agent….

Yes, newspapers will still be a medium for agents, but as the years progress it will be only used for promotion – so use it today for promoting your own website!

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