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Merry Christmas to all readers!

Just want to wish all of my readers particularly the people who comment on this blog a safe and Happy Christmas…


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2006 – My Awards

Here are some awards on the real estate portal market in 2006! BEST REAL ESTATE PORTAL has proven time and…


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MyHome – sorta, kinda launched!

Well has a sort of welcome page up. It must be the month of copying as launched ‘REALabs’ a…


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Dear Portal Santa – I want this in 2007!

Dear Real Estate Portal Santa, Here is a list of things that I AND MY READERS wish for 2007! 1. Please…


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Microsoft enters Real Estate Market

Microsoft has bought itself into a stake of PBL’s new property portal MyHome which is due for release next year. Microsoft…

Microsoft, MSN Live Expo

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Domain Number One in NSW?

Roberts S sent me this Fairfax email this morning, although, I did also receive 15 of them in my email inbox,…


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Fairfax and Rural Press

Fairfax wants to merge with Rural Press. Does anyone else feel that the upcoming media ownership laws are just going to…

Fairfax, Rural Press

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Will MyHome be unique?

Many people are guessing about the development and what difference it will bring to the market and I am going…


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Can Packer owned MyHome take a bite?

So it seems the PBL owned new real estate portal will launch in January 2007, but more than likely they…


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Whatever happenned to Mr Jenman?

In October I wrote a post about the Jenman System [read it here] and in particular the man himself. Apart from…


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Just a quick one!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the media industry. Firstly the Kim Beazley hunt (and no I don’t…

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