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New Portals need to have a good long hard look!

Having a small voice in the industry sometimes means having to listen to allot of guff from would be Internet Kings….

itorip, MyHome

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Research your Website in major Search Engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN

Here are some quick links to finding out the popularity of your website (and your competitors) in Google! Link Popularity: Not…

Google, MSN, Yahoo

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Should negative gearing be scrapped?

I have been thinking about this for a while now and have spoken to some agents (clients) about this. So here…

Negative Gearing

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Why you need to be RSS Ready – Microsoft Office 2007 is!

I know these types of articles are not as popular as some others but I believe this is the most important…


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Google to Launch Real Estate Beta in 2007?

Not much of a shock here but this could be the biggest thing of 2007 and should cause meetings across Australia…


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Real Commercial launches new site

Well there you go, after a few days of telling you all would be launching a new site (because let’s…

Real Commercial

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Please take no offense!

I welcome all new subscribers and all new visitors to this site. I have been receiving a number of emails each…


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2007 The Year ahead

Trying to predict what will happen this year will be harder than ever with new entrants coming thick and fast. However…

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Is shutting out small search aggregators?

One thing I noticed recently was no longer carried REA listings. Are they doing some things to stop certain search…


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