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Is Domain winning agents over?

Each week I receive news and correspondence from various portals (thanks to all), sometimes I do not think it is news…


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Firefox for agents – why I think it is a must have tool!

This article maybe a little boring, but I do believe it is important. Everyday I find myself writing articles, filling in…


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How MyHome can work…..

Let me make one thing clear from the outset. I am not really interested at all in deals done to other…


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My Home it is here – Oh Dear!

Well it is here and MyHome has launched to much fanfare and I am sure allot of backslapping, so what is…


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MyHome gets set for launch!

So here we go, apparently Monday is MyHome Day…..So what can we expect? I have as much of an idea as…


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Property Guru Release

Well it seems everyone wants to get in on the party. With the release it makes me wonder why all…

Property Guru

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REA Australia Release Test Portal Today! have today launched a portal to openly test new technologies. This new site is property data only (yes minus…, REA

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Portals need to understand!

Okay, a couple of things have really been getting up my goat lately and I think agents should address these with…


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Domain supporting videos? has added videos to the mix when you view property listings images [view here]. However an agent I spoke to…

Domain, Videos

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New Business2 Release

Welcome to the all new business2 blog. I hope I have included all of the options users wanted to see, like…


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Domain Simply Adorable!

Today launched their online real estate site ‘Adore‘ and the site looks fantastic. It loads quite fast for a media…

Adore Property, Domain

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The New Agentpoint System

This exercise is NOT to promote my system It is to give you a glimpse into what I have had to…


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Quick Enquiry Questions

Here are some questions I would like feedback from…… 1. What real estate sites are you members of?,…


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Business2 to get major upgrade!

This site has now become very popular, with around 500 visitors per day. To me however this is not good enough…


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REA Promotes Borat Listing

Ok, I have had a few emails from people highlighting a few things about a promotion REA are doing on a…

Borat, REA

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Private selling sites – growing up!

Over the past few years we have seen many private advertising sites hit the market. Many of these are pretty poor…

Private Selling

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