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Well it seems everyone wants to get in on the party. With the release it makes me wonder why all of these sites are being released. No, it is not a conspiracy theory but is it a coincidence that all of these are being released around the MyHome launch? (Monday rumour has it).

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I have not had time until today to actually asses it, as I have been pretty darn busy. After reading some of the comments I was hoping for something special, or at least on par with

However this is a very small development. Maybe allot of time was put into getting listing’s from elsewhere, but this is just a nice little development, there is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing new here ( fell down in the same department).

Basically all this site is – is an interface to’s listings with a search results page and nothing else (at most does provide a whole solution). My feeling is that they just tried it and then left it alone, only to be surprised by REA’s launch.

If this site had been around for two or so months, why is it only the last week we have been hearing about it. The site has some good features but……………………………………….

Look, really do have some soul searching to do. I sit here and want to write something nice, I really do, but yet again REA’s site is simply just a better release. I am sure they (REA) have had the time to view it and make sure their release trumped it and it certainly does, but Domain should have at least kept a team on enhancing their site.

The winner will be decided on who actually does make some genuine moves onto their main portals. has a better interface and REA has so many more listings and visitors.

I want to see the option (on both sites) for resizing maps and data to the screen size available on any computer 1024 pixels wide and larger. I want to see the option for maps on both sites home page. I want to see better image viewing – although Domain’s photo gallery viewer is far superior than REA’s.

Some work to do on both sides!

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  1. Robert Anthony February 22, 2007 at 10:21 pm #

    Hi Peter,

    Where do you think these r/e seach portals leave realmaps and other such sites?

    Thanking you, Robert Anthony.

    P.S. Thank you Peter for your late night quote last night. I thought I may have heard more comments from others. Maybe my questions were to deep for some of the others.

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