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REA’s New TV Commercial For Sydney Market

Here is the REA YouTube Video for the Sydney Market. Just click on the play link icon!


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REA Hit Hard at MyHome

Recent comments by REA CEO Simon Baker to Neil Shoebridge try to demonstrate that REA are not atall concerned with MyHome’s…

MyHome, REA

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News Ltd Wraps up FPC

News Ltd seem to have reached an agreement with FPC Courier Group to purchase a very popular (with agents) Sydney Newspaper…

FPC, News Ltd

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Developing Web Standards for Property Identification

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of phone calls from irate agents telling me ‘did you send…

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Broadband – Why the Liberal Party must follow Labor

Now, I am getting in way over my head. I do not really care for either party in this debate, but…

Broadband, Governments

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Get on Google Maps!

In the past 18 months we have seen many of the large players trying to get into the local business directory…

Google Maps

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Getting ready for Google Base!

Without a doubt Google will soon be launching Google Base in Australia, a FREE classifieds site that will hurt sites like…

Google Base

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Revealed of 8 Real Estate Industry Leaders Who Have Joined REA’s Advisory Council

Well, must say I am happy that this advisory group is not just full of franchise group chiefs. I will monitor…

REA, REA Advisory Council

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water! have today announced a new Industry Advisory Council made up of eight real estate industry ‘leaders‘ that have come together…

REA, REA Advisory Council

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News Ltd Newspapers Property Sections Rebranded as

Well what a year so far – it seems that the ‘oneupmanship’ continues amongst the major players and now all News…

News Ltd, REA

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What can newspapers do now?

There is much debate in the Internet Industry about newspapers and many pundits have been writing them off as a spent…

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An Interesting article in the Australian today!

From the Australian: “A STOUSH has erupted between Australia’s largest real estate franchise and the new property sales web site,…

James Packer, MyHome

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MyHome gets some upgrades

Thanks for the tip-off Leo. It seems MyHome has added a link to the Home Page now, they have also been…


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Is it time?

Is it time for the federal government to take over certain aspects of real estate and property regulations from the states?…

Real Estate Institutes

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The Times they are a Changin!

Fairfax has done it again! I can remember last year when all I could write about was all the inventive things…

Brisbane Times, PBL

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AIMIA Awards Domain Best Classifieds Site!

Firstly congratulations are in order for for winning this award up against some pretty stiff competition, or was it? Here…

AIMIA, Domain

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A World of Ideas

A look around the World for real estate agent websites shows that the best agent real estate sites in Australia if…

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My Home TV Debuts

My Home TV aired this morning for the first time at 10.00am in all major Australian Capitals except Hobart – which…


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Want to build a real estate portal? (updated)

Well its seems everyone wants to have your money folks – I don’t think it will be long before Sensis announce…

Design, Development

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REINSW to launch National Portal?

Rumours are abound that the REINSW will be launching a statewide/national portal in the coming weeks/months alongside partner EAC. Details are…

EAC, Real Estate World, REINSW

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REA Purchases Homesite which was launched a few years ago by News Ltd has been acquired by REA for a rather small AUD$1.6…

HomeSite, REA

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