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Rural Press Mastheads to carry Domain

Fairfax today announced that all 150 Rural Press Mastheads in newspapers will now carry the brand. As well all Rural…

Domain, Rural Press

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Whats Dumb? Homehound Google campaign!

It amazes me what people will do from time to time with their Google Adwords Marketing. However, this one from Homehound…

Google, Homehound

Continue Reading 8 and Ninemsn renew partnership! has renewed its partnership with Ninemsn to continue to carry listings for an undisclosed period of time. Ninemsn obviously understood…

Ninemsn, REA

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Dumb and Dumber Real Estate Awards 2007

Nominations will close on the 10th of September for the 2007 Dumb and Dumber Real Estate Awards 2007. I want you…

Dumb and Dumber

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Ouch! goes offline!

No official comment as yet but has pretty much fell over this afternoon. This will be an expensive outage both…


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2007 and Technology Rules our World

This post is more about how our habits and processes have changed over the years. I am going to list some…


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Bubbles, Busts and the Great Disconnect!

Only a few months ago I was reading an article from a real estate institute over a bowl of muesli. About…

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Need Help with Copy?

I do not know how good this software is, but I have to say there is definitely a market for it…


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Some clearing up (updated)

A number of my readers have had some interesting conversations with sales people from a certain real estate portal (Not Domain…

Domain, MyHome, REA

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PBL Buys in on German Real Estate Classifieds Portal

With all of the owes of MyHome you would think it would make PBL a little scared of online investments. Not…

Immobilien, PBL

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Money Down the Drain?

I very rarely throw out a Wentworth Courier Paper, even though I find newspapers increasingly frustrating to look at when searching…


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Google Search Implements New Features

In what is a sign of things to come in real estate Google continues to add new features to search results…


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Just Listed + Domain

Well, Just Listed have launched a new website and first impressions are that it looks quite good. However, look under the…

Domain, Just Listed

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Domain and JustListed get into bed

Well here is one from left field, Domain and Justlisted are now in bed together. JustListed will carry all of’s…

Domain, Just Listed

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