Need Help with Copy?

I do not know how good this software is, but I have to say there is definitely a market for it – if it can do what it tells us it can do. Basically you input data into the software and it spits out copy that you can use in your property descriptions.

The Software is aptly named CopyCat. It is an Australian site – so I do hope it is an Australian innovation and if it is and it works well – then hats off to CopyCat. It is also FREE!

Here are the steps…………..
With your property appraisal on hand, login to your feline phrase-finding friend, The Copy Cat, with your username and password.

To find a heading, select a locality and click the search button to browse the list of related headings. Alternatively, you can type a word that relates to your property to produce a more specific list to choose from. Select a heading, then click on the ‘enter heading’ button. Your heading will appear in the text box.
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Either browse or enter a simple search criteria to find phrases that describe your property and pop them into the text box as above. Don’t forget to make use of the linking phrases and closing phrases.
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Perfect the copy in the text box and when you are happy with the result it can be saved, printed, or emailed at the click of a button! You can save your works-in-progress on-line, or if you wish to make other changes such as formatting, simply copy and paste your text into a word document.
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Now I have no idea how good or bad this software is, but the idea is brilliant and its shows there are still innovations coming in the real estate arena.


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5 Responses to Need Help with Copy?

  1. Nick Hopkins August 17, 2007 at 9:05 am #

    Damn – this software should be made compulsory up here in Darwin where the latest abomination is “inner dress circle”, which has replaced “inner circle of influence” which covers just about everything as far as I can see except maybe a shot old elevated in Winnelie.

    Does it have “Renovators delight” or “Chefs delight” in the software, both of which are crimes which should lead to a 6 month revocation of an agents licence…..”Rare as hens teeth” should of course invoke an immediate lifetime ban.

  2. Nicole Schull August 17, 2007 at 2:11 pm #

    I can safely say that the software does not include ‘inner dress circle’ nor ‘inner circle of influence’. However, it does include ‘the home chef’s delight’ and although ‘Renovator’s delight’ didn’t make it, ‘renovator’s gem’, ‘renovator’s special’, and ‘ripe for renovation’ did sneak in.

  3. Elizabeth August 18, 2007 at 10:09 am #

    Good Morning,

    If some, most, or all of the copy is written by a program, does this mean that we lose all rights to the copy?

    Who owns the rights to the copy produced with this program?


  4. Nicole Schull August 18, 2007 at 12:52 pm #

    Hello E,

    The Copy Cat is not an automated system and doesn’t actually write the ad for you. The site has been designed to give users complete flexibility in creating the content, allowing them to add their own personal touch. It is a database that gives you access to thousands of descriptive phrases (covering aspect, setting, view, amenities & dwelling features), headings & closing phrases. It was designed this way to avoid the risk of the same ads popping up with an automated system. You own the copy – you can use it to write an ad from start to finish or as a prompt, or to provide inspiration when you are looking for a heading or that elusive phrase to describe a special aspect of a property. Once you’ve registered (it’s free) there is a userguide you can download that shows you how to easily find the phrase or heading you are looking for.


  5. Adam August 23, 2007 at 9:12 am #

    NOW.. where is the website that automatically takes a completely crappy photograph and makes it simply gorgeous and the one that all buyers click on ?

    Great software. We are registering today.

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