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Traditional agents will be replaced?

In the new movie Jumper, the hero is an otherwise normal guy who just happens to be able to jump forward…

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Are MyHome and Homehound merging?

There have been a few whispers circulating that MyHome and Homehound are about to merge or are at least in talks…

dave platter, Homehound, MyHome

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REA Group announce increase in revenue and growth

The REA today released a massive increase in revenue (50%) and 68% EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation) for…

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Here’s one way real estate agents can control the web’s future

Real estate agents in Australia are facing a new wave of online innovation in which consumers use the internet to rate…

deloitte, homethinking, Joel Burslem, owen halliday, petrer williams, REA

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Anti Jenman Collection

This site seems to have been around for well over a year but I have only just discovered it and thought…


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The Property Manager finds a niche

All too often we see new real estate portals arrive, telling us just how amazing they are and extolling the evil…

management rights

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Online real estate marketing expert speaks

Let’s hear about real estate marketing and the Internet from an overseas perspective. In particular, I’m thinking of a country where…

Future of Real Estate Marketing, Joel Burslem

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Getting sick of all of this nonsense!

New web based services are popping up all of the time, some with questionable business models and some legitimate. One I…

referral sites

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A Quick Look at Hubonline’s CRM Capabilities

Peter posted recently about RealFutureCRM which is a US company specialising in CRM for the Real Estate Industry. That post created…

CRM, hubonline, multiarray, sugarcrm

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2008 to do list

Here is a little to do list for 2008 for real estate agents. Just some things to think about. Resist Fee…

to do

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REA Release locality guides have released a range of locality guides for suburbs across Australia. I watched a couple of these and my first…

REA, Videos

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Microsoft in bid to buy Yahoo

Microsoft got out the the moneybox this week with a bold AUD 50 billion bid for advertising giant Yahoo. What this…

Domain, Microsoft, MyHome, Yahoo

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