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An intranet is the communication link missing in many agents offices

When you only have a couple of people in an office the communication is normally very good. As an office grows…

Google, google sites, intranet

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Is economic uncertainty pushing you–the real estate agent–to advertise more online?

US-based classified advertising expert Peter Zollman told me this week on the phone that in the US, real estate ad dollars…

advertise online

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7 Deadly Sins of Listings Management

Well it seems the the 2007 BRW Rich list are now all going to hell (wherever that is) . Maybe ABC…

deadly sins

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Is real estate’s mobile tipping point about to arrive?

People really don’t want to look for property on a pain-in-the-neck mobile device with poor usability, difficult buttons, a small screen…


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Interest rates and crystal balls

As we all know, interest rates rose again for the 12th time and many of the banks are expected to increase…

interest rates

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