Archive | May, 2009 upgrades private selling policy. has upgraded it private selling policy with some new rules which may make it very difficult for agencies not providing…

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The Ugly Side of Twitter For Real Estate Agents Online

Twitter is taking the Australian real estate industry by storm at the moment and I have to apologise about another post on the topic in such short time, but I think this is very important.

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Tweet Your Property Listings

As a follow up to Glenn’s Twitter articles, I though I would discuss a Twitter application I stumbled across. TweetLister allows…

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Why you think advertising costs too much, and why it doesn’t

During my time at, I saw that the company has lots of happy customers (no snide remarks, please). But, it…

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My First 24 Hours on Twitter for Real Estate

Armed with the Twitter for Real Estate Twits ebook from the last article I posted I decided to jump into Twitter…

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Twitter for Real Estate Agents

Anybody who has not recently heard about Twitter must have had their head in the sand. It has literally exploded over…

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The Ultimate Phone System for Real Estate?

Phone systems are getting smarter and smarter every year and VoIP has become the standard for office based phone systems. Because VoIP…

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Rent Your Landlord’s Carpark

Throughout capital cities in Australia carparks are limited and often can demand excessive rents for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even…

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Continue Reading 9 Communications Grind to a Halt… Again!

In the past has often been caught out shouting from the rooftops about some new innovation or initiative they are…

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50 Real Estate Sale Signs

I recently took the car for a spin and had a look around Sydney to see what real estate agents are…

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Real Estate SEO Study

I recently found this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) study on the leading Real Estate websites in the US. The report was…


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An Agency Which has Gone Social

Recently, Century 21 announced it would be switching their marketing and advertising strategy from TV commercials to online. I thought I…

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Continue Reading 2 launches New Sold Section

Yesterday Domain sent out a press release in relation to their new “Sold Section”. From their press release: We’re excited to…

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The Rise of the Real Estate Consultant and Coach

The current industry conditions have resulted in a culling of experienced operators in the industry. Both the number of agents and…

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REA Release Selling Guide have released a new website guide to selling. The new site is very comprehensive and well thought out with a…

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