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How REA buries agents in search results

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. People suspected of using it to manipulate search results are punished, often by their site being…, Google, MyDesktop,, REIWA, seo

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Having Your Cake and Eating it Too. What the 5DMII is doing to real estate marketing

About December, last year Canon released the 5DMII – a DSLR camera delivering 1080p video. The full-frame camera totally blew Nikon’s…

5DMII, Canon, Nikon, RED, Sony

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What are the alarm bells in your business that alert you to a changing market?

Agents are generally optimistic people. A quiet month is just that, bound to be better next month. But what if your…

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Twitter Twits

When Twitter recently announced the ability to place all of your followers into lists I thought that they had struck a…

Biz Stone,,, MySpace,, Twitter

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Leverage your brand, don’t differentiate from it

What separates great marketing from good marketing is simplicity and consistency. The easier you brand is to remember and recall the…

brand, Marketing

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Agents: Remove Old Systems That Are Driving Your Customers Crazy

We now live in such a fast paced world with customers expecting faster response times, more information & almost immediate accessibility…

Customer Service, Online Real Estate Marketing, online reputation management, Time Management

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Making online your “very owned” point of difference

Rupert Murdoch once said, “The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. Someone…

Google, PR Checker, Real Estate Agents, Rupert Murdoch, Website Grader

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The Future of the Newspaper – Part Two

Whilst Rupert Murdoch may extol the brilliance of his newspapers journalism, however his history and facts really tell a different story….

Rupert Murdoch

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Dangerous Ideas – How to Fix Real Estate

I make no apologies for saying this, real estate prices in Australia are completely out of sync with reality and anyone…

Banks, First Home, First Home Buyers Grant, Government, Kit Homes, Negative Gearing, Taxes

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Google beefs up mapping and real estate search

Google has beefed up its map search considerably with basic natural phrases now added. In the past a user has to…

Google Maps

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Well we are coming to the end of another year. Some big things have happened for over this time, we…

Brett Clements, Google News, Peter Fletcher, Robert Simeon, Shane Dale

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New Upgrades Arrive

As we predicted started implementing a major upgrade today and are due to roll it out across all suburbs over the…

local voices, Portals,, suburb profiles

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Agents Should Avoid Directing Their Clients Across To The Major Portals

In the past I’ve overheard real estate agents talking on the phone, directing clients onto the major portals like &…

Facebook, Social Networking, Twitter, Url Shortening

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