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Trend for 2010: “It’s Mobile, stoopid”

Gordon Gecko

Remember the iconic 1980s movie ‘Wall Street’ in which Michael Douglas walks along a beach watching the sun rise while talking…

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Real Estate Portals Costs – It Could Always Be Worse!

In the past month I have purchased a new Subaru Liberty 3.6R MY10 model and I took some time out during…

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Google to buy up real estate sites!

When Google ventured into real estate listings many of us thought it would signal the end of annual fee increases being…

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Video Tutorial: How to Create a Free Real Estate Blog in 25 minutes

The word Blog is short for the word “web log”.  Blogs first started in the late 1990’s but really became popular…

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The 10 Most Common Failures of Bad Leaders

Harvard Business Publishing summarised the 360-degree feedback data on over 11,000 leaders from a study completed by Jack Zenger and Joseph…

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GOLD COAST FOR SALE. On Network Ten Or. The questions, and issues surrounding aggregating ‘content’ and giving new relevance to old media. A lot us talk about…

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How To Get More From Without Paying Extra Money – Part 2

Before uploading your listings onto, it’s important to look at what you are trying to achieve within each part of…

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Residential Tenancies Bill 2009

The Government has taken very limited industry consultation on the proposed Residential Tenancies Bill 2009 and the result weighs heavily in…

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Should Ray White Or RE/MAX Consider Having A Sex Change?

I believe that in 2010, there is a great opportunity that exists within the real estate market for a franchise group…

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Where will the buyers be in 2010?

The smart agent should always be looking to list stock that matches hot buyer activity. In 2009 this space was largely…

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Are Facebook Ads the most effective advertising there is?

Let me say in this my first post for Business2 (thanks for having me) I have no shares in Facebook (more’s…

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