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How many friends do you have… really?

British anthropologist Robin Dunbar argues that if you count people you “maintain a stable social relationship” with then you can never…

Malcolm Gladwell, Robin Dunbar

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Google Real Estate will force the portals to embrace, open and innovate or die!

Slowly but surely Google Real Estate is making inroads into the Australian real estate market with the recent signing of LJ…

API, API's,, Fairfax, Google, Google Real Estate, REA,

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You Lost Me At ‘Hello’

This article is ‘Part 3 of How to Get More From Without Paying Extra Money.’ In Part 1 of this…

REA Group,

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Who Would Have Ever Dreamt It Possible?

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile he set a whole new mindset for a world of possibilities and now…

3D Floor Plans, Google, Network, property video, vitual tours

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Listing Fundamentals To Get More From Your Online Strategy

With talk of search, social media and mobile, real estate agencies are starting to invest in building an online presence. But…

Floor, Listings, Photography, Plans

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REA Major Announcement in March

There are strong rumours circulating that will be launching a new site in early March 2010. What this site will…

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Will Your Agency Be A ‘Favourite Place’ On Google?

Google has recently developed Favourite Places on Google, which incorporates the use of QR Code technology to help customers get information…

Google, Google Favorite Places, Google Local Business Center, QR Code

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Can The Apple iPad Save Real Estate Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers are on the decline! A very fast decline. Readership and revenues are down and profits seem very hard to find…

apple ipad, ebook, ereader, iPad, Media, new york times, newspaper, Print Media

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10 Ways Real Estate Agents Could Use The Apple iPad

Will the recent launch of the Apple iPad mean the end of the Listing Presentation Folder or FlipChart style presentation? Will…

Apple, Future of Real Estate Marketing, iPad, Print Media

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How to use Foursquare to build a hyper-local brand

Foursquare is rocketing up the social media popularity chart. It’s hyper-local social networking that lets you share insider info on your favourite hangouts….


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