Will Your Agency Be A ‘Favourite Place’ On Google?

Google has recently developed Favourite Places on Google, which incorporates the use of QR Code technology to help customers get information about businesses via their mobile phones and drive visitors across to the reviews on their site.

Whilst the use of QR Codes hasn’t really taken off as yet, they should start to become more and more popular now that Google has jumped on board.

With Google’s Favourite Places, the reviews that appear on Google about a real estate agency will also continue to grow in importance.

Google have said that “We have not yet made a decision about plans for this program beyond the U.S.” but they have already expanded the service into Vancouver, so it looks like it could end up coming to Australia some time soon.

Businesses don’t have to pay anything to become a part of Google’s Favourite Places, but they must have signed up for a free account with the Google Local Business Centre.

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