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Top 10 People to Follow on Twitter for Australian Real Estate Agents – 2010 Q3

This list is the third in the series and just squeaks into the third quarter on time! If you have not…

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Real Estate Online Statistics & Demographics – Portals

The Google Adplanner service allows advertisers more information on popular websites including demographic and traffic information.  Now whilst I don’t want…,,, Portals,,, statistics

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Google Instant – Will this change SEO strategies?

Over the past week you may have noticed a small change in functionality when using the Google search engine. As you…

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Nigerian fraudsters sell a Aussie House

As some of you may have already heard, it looks like the Nigerians scammers have learnt a new trick. A South…

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The difference between a listing and a great listing:

When you submit listings to a portal should you go for quality or quantity? It’s easy to see why agents might…

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Why can’t we measure online traffic?

Over the past decade I have investigated various methods of measuring online traffic for the different web sites I’ve managed, and…

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CEO Responds To Yet Another Stuff Up!!! Where is Our Data Going?

In response to my previous article Yet Another Stuff Up!!! Where is Our Data Going? I was contacted directly by the…

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The Best (and Worse) Real Estate Portal Features

In an effort to outdo their competitors real estate portals are continually upgrading their technology. Companies (like the big two) spend…

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You be the judge…are Lawyers Real Estate breaking the law or not?

As a licensed real estate agent within the state of NSW, if I was to open a business as Greg Vincent…

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