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REIWA Goes West

Charlie Gunningham is in San Francisco for Real Estate Connect and hopefully he will be able to write a great post…

REIWA, West Australian Newspapers

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The Australian Online Commercial Real Estate Space has long been the dominant commercial real estate portal in Australia. However, this position is under threat, as they face…

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Go Gecko…..going going gone!

In news this week, on Tuesday Go Gecko Pty Ltd went into Voluntary Administration leading to the closure of 2 Go…

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iPhone App review – Agent Calculator

There’s no denying that the Apple iPhone has dominated the mobile telephone market in recent times and tech heads seem to…

Agent Calculator, commission, iPhone, iPhone App, iphone for real estate, stamp duty

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Project Rebellion: RPData in the Firing Line

As a followup to recent articles relating to the industry revolt and ACCC investigation into, Australian Financial Review journalist Ben…

ACCC, aft, ben hurley,, project rebellion, REA,, rpdata

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Google launches Google+

Google+ has just been launched to a limited release and I have spent a few days playing around with the new…

Google, Google Circles, Google Hangouts, Google Huddle, Google Plus, Google Sparks

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Google +1 Like button

Google has become a little bit more social with the launch of its +1 Like button available to be added to…

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Project Rebellion: REA’s Problems Continue with ACCC Investigation Underway

In a followup article to the Front Page Project Rebellion article, Ben Hurley from the Australian Financial Review has published a…

ACCC, Console,, Onthehouse, oth, Portplus, REA,, rei, reia, Simon Baker

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