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Google Events – Bigger Things to come?

During the past week Google has been hosting their annual Google I/O event. Apple Events attract diehards from all over the…

Apple, Google, Google Calendar, Google Events, Google Hangouts, Google I/O

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e-Ave Wrap Up: Twitter for Agents, RE Apps?, FREE Client Impresser, Behind-the-Lens and ‘You Promotion’

This week on The Electric Avenue Show we take a look at… Monday’s Show: provided a Quick Introduction To Twitter for…

Electric Avenue, Greg Vincent, real estate apps, Screen Sharing Tool, twitter real estate, You Promotion

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The Relevance of Premises for a Real Estate Business

It is always an interesting debate.  There are people who believe strongly that the requirement for a real estate business to…

Ian Campbell

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Business2Sell expands offering and launches internationally

Business2Sell is now offering services for Business Brokers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Franchises, Business Evaluators and Business Loan Providers and has recently…

Business Brokers, Business Loan Providers, Business2Sell, Manish Khanna

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The Tides of Change

When Einstein laid out the groundwork for Quantum Physics in the early 1900’s everyone was amazed at his theories, but soon…

Apple, Fairfax, Fairfax Media, Google, News Ltd

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Dan White Appointed to Board of Directors

Industry-owned property portal is pleased to announce the appointment of Ray White Group Director Dan White to its Board. Neil…

Dan White, Ray White Group,, Board of Directors

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EA Wrap Up: Featuring Mat Steinwede, James Tostevin & Tom Panos Interview from AREC2012

After launching Electric Avenue (EA) ‘The Online Real Estate Show’ last Wednesday, Ryan O’Grady suggested that I share this week’s episodes…

Electric Avenue, Greg Vincent, Ryan O'Grady

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Its A Rental

Buying a rental property is a big move. You want to make passive income, but you don’t want to take a…

Investing, Negative Gearing, Rentals, Renting

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Fairfax Launches AirLink

Last month Fairfax launched some nifty technology that allows users to scan images in the Sydney Morning Herald and then view…

AirLink, Domain, Sydney Morning Herald

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Are You Violating Your Vendors’ Privacy?

Surfing the real estate listings this morning before breakfast, I was shocked to find that some premium agents violate their clients’…

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So your Office is your home

We are now in the work-from-home work culture, where businesses allow their employees to work from their homes on their beds…

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