e-Ave Wrap Up: Twitter for Agents, RE Apps?, FREE Client Impresser, Behind-the-Lens and ‘You Promotion’

This week on The Electric Avenue Show we take a look at…

Monday’s Show: provided a Quick Introduction To Twitter for Agents

If you’re not on Twitter make sure you register your username at Twitter now before someone else in the world beats you to your username.

Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool and in upcoming Electric Ave episodes, I’ll be sharing numerous ways that agent’s can use Twitter more effectively.

Tuesday’s Show: featured A Powerful Client Impresser …and it’s FREE 

This is a great online solution that Real Estate Agents and Property Managers can use to help them deliver a more effective message when communicating with clients.

Wednesday’s Show: answered the question Should Agents Create A Real Estate App or Not?

The mobile app landscape is rapidly expanding and to capitalise on the exponential growth of the app market some agents have recently been looking into the possibilities + potential ROI of developing an app for their real estate business.

Whilst the ultimate decision to go ahead with developing an app depends upon what the app will do and the desired result/expectations from the agency business, an app shouldn’t be developed just for the sake of being able to say that the agency has their own app.

Any app development that you consider investing $$$ into, must have some useful/interesting functionality that will make people want to download the app onto their mobile device and most importantly – Use the app and want to keep it installed on their device.

Thursday’s Show: showed a Sneak Peek ‘Behind-The-Scenes-Look’ at The Electric Avenue Show and how easy it is for agents to create their very own Online Real Estate Show within their marketplace.

The Leather iPad2 Case I use is the “Toblino 2 Leather iPad 2 Case Folio Convertable Case Multi-angle Stand for the Apple iPad 2 in Black” and is available via Amazon here

Note: One thing that I’ve experienced whilst using the front facing camera on the iPad2 to record the Electric Avenue episodes, because I can see the recording happening in real time, it’s just like looking into a mirror, but in actual fact the camera is situated to the side of the screen so if you’re not careful it appears as if you are looking away from the camera & not getting the right level of eye contact.

As you may notice I’m still finding it’s still taking a bit of time to get used to, but I’m continually looking at ways to improve how the show is delivered but still maintaining the production simplicity.

and Today’s Show: looks at “You Promotion” and Step 1 of How To Create An Effective Personal Profile Online

Whether agents realise it or not, potential sellers are now Googling your name and the names of other real estate agents whilst they are doing their research about the real estate agent(s) they are going to invite out to appraise their home

…one major reason why creating an Effective Personal Profile Online is extremely important.

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