Google Launches An Eye-Opening Report Into Latest Multi-Screen Usage + E-Ave Wrap Up

Google recently released an eye-opening report about multi-screen usage and the findings could help real estate agents plan and develop new strategies in an effort to connect/engage with their online customers.

Multi-screen usage is when an individual either sequentially or simultaneously views/uses a number of screens. So if you’ve ever been using your iPad whilst on your computer or used your smartphone while watching TV, then you’ve participated in multi-screen usage.

Google’s report includes a collection of insights regarding how individuals participate in multi-screen use. These stats highlight the constantly-growing popularity of multi-screen use and provides agents, digital suppliers and marketers with some extremely valuable information for planning out how to better engage with their online customers.










To Download The Full Report Click Here

Electric Avenue Wrap-Up

Monday’s Show, was an insight into why Gets a Huge Traffic Boost From Facebook after Simon Parker of Real Estate Business revealed that “Facebook has now become the fourth-largest source of referrals to and office websites over all,” the company said. “Surprisingly, many offices now receive more web traffic referred from Facebook than from traditional real estate portals or”

Tuesday and Wednesday episodes had to be ‘No Shows’ due to a product launch at 4pm on Wed. (My sincere apologies to my viewers, the Product Launch had to take priority – Electric Avenue is back into full swing again now with the show running as scheduled).

Yesterday’s Episode highlighted how Facebook is becoming an even more powerful marketing platform as Facebook Rolls Out A ‘Strategic Marketing Leap Forward’ With Fan Page Post Targeting

I hope you enjoy this week’s Wrap-Up. 🙂

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2 Responses to Google Launches An Eye-Opening Report Into Latest Multi-Screen Usage + E-Ave Wrap Up

  1. Ryan O'Grady September 7, 2012 at 9:02 am #

    Nice post Greg, some interesting stats there especially about mobile traffic.

    I notice your point about LJ Hooker fb generated traffic. We’ve done some work with them helping their offices provide more informative and useful fb office pages. You can see a sample here with all the different red tabs. What is important is, they are allowing the user to choose and explore through the content on their fb page rather than just posting it to the timeline and flooding everyone’s News Feed.

  2. Jhai September 7, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    Great info Greg, I have been watching LJ for some time now, but I still see the agents not educated in how to use these new tools yet…..

    well the agents around hear any way.

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