Selling property is more social than ever

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Buying and selling property is now considered an intensely social experience according to the largest real estate company in Australia, who have designed an online property search engine based around social media. is one of the most popular property search sites in the nation and has been relaunched to meet the demands of the modern house hunter.

“This is the ultimate site for property hunters of today,” Sam White, Deputy Chairman of the Ray White Group, said. “It’s fully socialised, both inputs and outputs on the site are dependent on social media.”

“Users can engage their friends and followers on their real estate journey with the click of a button, and residents and sellers can tell the online community precisely what they think of life in Bankstown, Brisbane, Ballarat or Ballajura.”

The Ray White Group says they are responding to evidence that buyers and sellers like to share their real estate experiences with their social networks.

The most innovative feature of the site is the input of comments by residents of every town, suburb and locality in Australia. Ray White Group today also announce their exclusive Australian partnership with

It functions similarly to, allowing consumers and the community to speak openly and freely about their experience in a particular area or street. They can comment of the makeup of the local population, the types of properties, the cost of living and the amenities in the area. And they can speak very frankly.

“When you’re looking to buy in a new area, you can’t really depend on blurbs on websites and marketing material. It’s much more plausible to hear about a community from the people who live and have lived there. Streetadvisor is driven by residents. It’s content written by locals. You can rate, review and recommend everything and anything.”

“For us, it means we can help people find their perfect place to live.”

Ray White is the most googled real estate company in Australia and its sites attract over 12million views annually.



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