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Peter Ricci is the Director of,, and and has been involved in designing and developing real estate systems and websites since 1997. In July 2001 Peter founded to help real estate agents better understand the power of the Internet and the real estate landscape in Australia and New Zealand. Since then he has penned over 300 articles on a variety of subjects in the real estate technology industry. is now the leading real estate technology site in Australasia.

Recent blog posts written by Peter J Ricci

Telstra Offloads Sensis

Telstra has offloaded the majority of Sensis to Private Equity firm Platinum Equity for roughly $450 million AUD. This has signaled…

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Happy New Year Readers – 2014 Real Estate Agent & Technology Predictions

Happy New Year to all my readers and your families. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about what…

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10 Reasons Facebook Fears Google+

In the past I have penned some notes on why I think Google+ is a Facebook killer in the business realm…

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Google+ Hangouts trials Google Helpouts

Google Hangouts has become an Internet sensation, on its own it has propelled the Google+ Social Network to number two behind…

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Your Guide to Google Authorship Nirvana

Google Authorship has been around for a number of years now, but only recently it has been gaining popularity amongst publishers…

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Google Glasses

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of Google Glasses as part of the Google Explorer Team…

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The End of Apple? The End of the World? The Start of Something New?

With over $100 billion in the bank, we can safely assume Apple are going to be just fine for the medium…

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Just a quick notice – if you have some time head over here and join in our first Google+ Live Hangout…

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Business2 Google+ Community & How you can Create your own Community on Google Plus

Google+ have now released Google+ Communities and I have a quick Guide on how you can setup your own Community. The…

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Pinterest For Business, Instagram, Facebook Page and other Social Media Updates

In the past week we have seen Instagram now offer profiles and also Pinterest offer business pages. Instagram is an overwhelming…

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Best Practice Retreat Hamilton Island – Cutting Edge Web Design

I had the good fortune of addressing some of the best and brightest real estate agencies in Australia at the Best…

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Apple iPhone 5 is not a tool for Real Estate Agents

Apple iPhone has the best mobile phone on the planet (closely followed by Samsung Galaxy S3) yet the latest version is…

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The Death of SEO? Updated!

A little firestorm has been developing since Ken Krogue a contributor at Forbes Magazine recently penned an article titles “The Death…

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Over 10 years of we have tried our best to bring our Real Estate Agent audience the best experience possible…

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Evolving Agencies – A Quick Look at the Different Models

Recently a BRW Cover had the title “Secrets of the Real Estate Industry” in big bold type with a sub heading…

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The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

You have something to say and can’t wait to get it out in the blogosphere. Raka and Bitly have got together…

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Google Events – Bigger Things to come?

During the past week Google has been hosting their annual Google I/O event. Apple Events attract diehards from all over the…

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The Tides of Change

When Einstein laid out the groundwork for Quantum Physics in the early 1900’s everyone was amazed at his theories, but soon…

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Announcing Project Glass from Google

Google on Wednesday morning (USA Time) released a YouTube video teasing its upcoming augmented reality glasses, a pair of lenses that…

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iPhone App Lets you take a photo and get property information!

An online real estate company in the USA as created an iPhone App that lets you take a photo of any…

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Google Launches Insights Customer Surveys

Google yesterday announced the launch of Consumer Surveys, a new service from Google that will allow organisations to create polls to…

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How to Shoot a Great Video and Engage Your Audience!

It doesn’t really matter what your audience is, whether it be real estate, fitness or social services – if you are…

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How Pinterest May Be Great for your Real Estate Agency

For those of you living under a rock, a new social website has been gaining incredible ground. It’s name is Pinterest…

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Why SOPA / PIPA matters to us all

Ever since the age of the cassette tape the media industries across the globe have been “lobbying” and “contributing” to our…

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