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Peter Ricci is the Director of,, and and has been involved in designing and developing real estate systems and websites since 1997. In July 2001 Peter founded to help real estate agents better understand the power of the Internet and the real estate landscape in Australia and New Zealand. Since then he has penned over 300 articles on a variety of subjects in the real estate technology industry. is now the leading real estate technology site in Australasia.

Recent blog posts written by Peter J Ricci

RFID’s any Future in Real Estate?

About: Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) are miniscule tags that can be as small as a grain of sand – can…

Posted In Radio, Technology

Quality Content

In the future quality content will be the key differentiator for Real Estate Agents.

Posted In Standards

WIMAX Coming our Way!

Well what is WIMAX? You may have heard of Wi-Fi hotspots jumping up all over the place at Airport, Coffee Houses,…

Posted In Technology