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Andy Del Vecchio, Portal manager and Information for, also founded and operated Tasmania

Recent blog posts written by Andy Del Vecchio

The Hypocrisy of Content and the Coming Revolution

In Australia we have two Real Estate portals who maintain a duopoly on internet real estate listings. Both of these Portals…

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The Real Estate Industry- 2023.

I went to the year 2023 to check out the Real Estate Industry. The web landscape is vastly different since Facebook…

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Long Forgotten Internet History

I have just realised that tomorrow the 17th of Feb (or that could be today, or even yesterday, depending on when…

Posted In Search, Soapbox, Software, Technology

Google unleashes new API’s (and is going to put the Base API to sleep?)

On Friday 17th of December, from The Google Merchant Blog, Google announced New Shopping APIs and Deprecation of the Base API……

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The Allegory of the Cave and Real Estate Shadows of the Web

It may be familiar to you, The Allegory of the Cave, or Plato’s Cave. Even if you haven’t read this before,…

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