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The Guest Author of can be anyone who submits an article to and it gets approved by one of the Editors . Not all stories are published, however we want stories that are of interest to Real Estate Agents and Technology and related to this industry. If you would like to be a regular contributor to we have an application here, or if you have a one off story you would like published, click here and we will review this story.

Recent blog posts written by Guest Author

Negative SEO – How a Competitor Can Destroy Your Google Rankings

This guest post has been provided by Paul Mulder who is a co-founder and current director of For Sale By Owner…

Posted In Legal, SEO

A Summary Guide to Facebook Marketplace Ads

Author Bio: Craig Robinson works as Editor-in-chief for Qwaya – a Facebook Ad manager tool. He writes about topics like Facebook…

Posted In Facebook, Guest Columnist

Real Estate Faces Dramatic Disruption – Deloitte Study

Almost a third of the economy faces a digital “big bang” over the next three years, pushing companies as diverse as…

Posted In Guest Columnist

How to Use Color Psychology to Increase Sales

Author Bio: Guest post contributed by Patrick Lapointe on behalf of – specialists in Roller doors. Patrick has worked extensively…

Posted In Guest Columnist

Its A Rental

Buying a rental property is a big move. You want to make passive income, but you don’t want to take a…

Posted In Marketing, Real Estate Agents

So your Office is your home

We are now in the work-from-home work culture, where businesses allow their employees to work from their homes on their beds…

Posted In Guest Columnist

Online video marketing skyrockets for business in 2012

Australian businesses are devoting more of their marketing budget to online video than ever before, as viewing trends skyrocket with latest…

Posted In Video

The True Impact of the Internet on Holiday Rental Property Management

“Every act of creation is the first act of destruction “ – Pablo Picasso As the balance of control and profits…

Posted In Australia, Guest Columnist

Time to KILL OFF real estate cliches?

When dealing with a medium as relatively new to real estate as ‘video’, its application demands a big re-think around dialogue….

Posted In Marketing, Real Estate Agents, Video

Towards the Holy Grail of HDR 3D Video

The later part of 2011 could see ‘real estate video’ surpass ‘real estate photography’ in its one area of weakness. That of…

Posted In Photography, Real Estate Agents, Video

Where is the value in modern-day Australian Real Estate?

Note: is now accepting guest articles from our readers. We have a simple criteria for acceptance, the main one being…

Posted In Guest Columnist, Soapbox

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

In the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion in online video. The world now watches 80 million hours of YouTube…

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Video, What's New

The Creative Commons

If applications like iTunes present themselves as the ‘proverbial coffin’ for the music industry, Creative Commons provides the nails to hammer…

Posted In Legal, Real Estate Agents

The Race to the Bottom

I was going to call this post ‘Do Quality Marketing Materials Really make a difference?’ It is a question worth discussing….

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Video

Creating New Media for new Mediums

HTML5 and the iPad will change the way we consume online media. But what’s it going to take to change how…

Posted In Design, Digital Readers, Media, Photography, Real Estate Agents, Video

GOLD COAST FOR SALE. On Network Ten Or. The questions, and issues surrounding aggregating ‘content’ and giving new relevance to old media. A lot us talk about…

Posted In Media, Real Estate Agents, Video

Ban adjectives in property films

When one of the country’s best news directors, Peter Meakin, ( crossed from what was then the No 1 News Network…

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Video

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too. What the 5DMII is doing to real estate marketing

About December, last year Canon released the 5DMII – a DSLR camera delivering 1080p video. The full-frame camera totally blew Nikon’s…

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Video