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Charlie set up in Perth with a uni mate during the height of the dotcom boom in 1999. He

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11 New Year’s resolutions for 2011

As technology moves along apace at break neck speed, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all just too hard….

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Google Places importance on Local

A few years ago Google developed something called ‘Google Local’, a subset of its listings that are devoted to local businesses….

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The Great CRM White Elephant

Legend has it there were once great white elephants, much sought after by the Southeast Asian monarch and European hunter. Their…

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Why can’t we measure online traffic?

Over the past decade I have investigated various methods of measuring online traffic for the different web sites I’ve managed, and…

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An 11 year real estate online business case study

Having just sold a real estate online business, almost eleven years to the day after it was founded, I thought I’d share…

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It’s Tribal, and it’s who we are

During the recent UK general election (American friends of mine were amazed at how quickly it was over, English friends bemoaned…

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The Billion Dollar Black Hole

Disclosure upfront – for over 10 years now I’ve been running a niche real estate portal and web development business. During…

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How many friends do you have… really?

British anthropologist Robin Dunbar argues that if you count people you “maintain a stable social relationship” with then you can never…

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Gordon Gecko

Trend for 2010: “It’s Mobile, stoopid”

Remember the iconic 1980s movie ‘Wall Street’ in which Michael Douglas walks along a beach watching the sun rise while talking…

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Are Facebook Ads the most effective advertising there is?

Let me say in this my first post for Business2 (thanks for having me) I have no shares in Facebook (more’s…

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