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Dave does PR in real estate and technology.

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Why the best Australian real estate agents might just be in San Francisco this July

Joel Burslem’s opinion carries a lot of weight with me because I’ve seen how smart his real estate technology blog, future…

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Real estate technology linkage

Here is a handful of recent stories I thought you’d find of interest: Real estate is spelled S-E-X in China. Vodafone…

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New Zealand Real Estate Agency Closes Physical Doors, Opens Up Online

A New Zealand real estate agency has closed the doors of its real-world office and opened up as a discount online…

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Your chance to bash realestate.com.au and help the homeless at the same time

I know there are some vocal members of the business2.com.au community who seldom miss a chance to bash realestate.com.au. Most of…

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Turn your real estate podcasts into a more powerful marketing tool

After posting about why real estate podcasts can be a good idea on real estate agent websites, I want to follow…

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Should real estate agents offer podcasts on their websites?

Even though podcasts sometimes seem like yesterday’s news, new podcast user data shows that real estate agents should seriously consider offering…

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Online real estate marketing. Isn’t it obvious?

Every now and then, the internet just starts to seem too damn complicated. You’ve got XML, search engine optimisation (SEO), search…

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Six ideas for Australian iPhone real estate applications

I believe the iPhone will be the device to shift real estate onto mobiles in a real way for the first…

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Is economic uncertainty pushing you–the real estate agent–to advertise more online?

US-based classified advertising expert Peter Zollman told me this week on the phone that in the US, real estate ad dollars…

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Is real estate’s mobile tipping point about to arrive?

People really don’t want to look for property on a pain-in-the-neck mobile device with poor usability, difficult buttons, a small screen…

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Traditional agents will be replaced?

In the new movie Jumper, the hero is an otherwise normal guy who just happens to be able to jump forward…

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Here’s one way real estate agents can control the web’s future

Real estate agents in Australia are facing a new wave of online innovation in which consumers use the internet to rate…

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Online real estate marketing expert speaks

Let’s hear about real estate marketing and the Internet from an overseas perspective. In particular, I’m thinking of a country where…

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Real Estate Agents: Is smoking a professional liability?

After my last visit to Paris I vowed not to return until I could go indoors and not be smoked out….

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A New Year’s day surprise: more leads

After my last post I was asked to look more closely at traffic trends to realestate.com.au over the holidays (thanks, Glenn…

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The Myths of Santa Claus and Slow Januaries

Santa Claus: He’s easy to believe in, because when you do, you get lots of gifts. There’s a clear financial benefit…

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Long Term Investment?

Dave from the REA Group here. My thanks to Peter for the invitation to post on his blog. I’ve been an…

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