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Glenn Batten is the General Manager at First National Real Estate Nerang and Principal at the First National Real Estate Upper Coomera office and has over 20 years real estate experience and a passion for technology. Glenn has been writing from an agents perspective on industry issues and covering a range of topics on Business2 since 2007.

Recent blog posts written by Glenn Batten

Price Freeze Over: Can Justify a Price Rise?

Last February CEO Jaimie Pride announced that “I am pleased to announce that is freezing residential subscription prices until…

Posted In Australia, Portals, Soapbox

Australian Real Estate SEO – Part 4

Improving the SEO on the Current Pages on Your Website This article is about how Australian Real Estate Agents can apply…

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Technology

New Upgrades Arrive

As we predicted started implementing a major upgrade today and are due to roll it out across all suburbs over the…

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Jenman Approved Agents Doing Auctions Now? << Updated

Neil Jenman has been fairly vocal about his opposition to Auctions claiming that they only get lower prices for sellers.  In…

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Soapbox

Is a major update on the cards?

Over the past few months it really seems like every week we are seeing a new feature or improvement being released…

Posted In Australia, Portals Sneak Through Another Update has been applying updates to their portal fairly regularly recently and sometime late Tuesday night or the early hours of…

Posted In Australia, Marketing, Portals, Real Estate Agents, What's New

How to Improve Your Results on Google Real Estate

One of the big complaints by real estate agents when the Google Real Estate service started up was that the 2nd…

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Real Estate Photos Being Altered But By Domain Not Open2View

On a slow news day late last month an eagle eye reporter of the Dominion Post newspaper in New Zealand reported…

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Australian Real Estate Brands Compared – Another Way! << Updated

I recently wrote about using Google Insights to compare the relative strength of each real estate brand in Australia. I showed…

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Search, Technology

Australian Real Estate Brands Compared

Most major real estate groups will conduct regular brand surveys to gauge just how their brand is positioned into the marketplace….

Posted In Australia, Portals, Real Estate Agents, What's New

Australian Real Estate SEO – Part 3

SEO Series This article is the third in the series. The first article introduced the concept of SEO and focussed on…

Posted In Research, Search, Technology

Google Caffeine: The Winners and Losers

When Google releases new products or updates to existing products they usually do so with very little warning. One day it’s…

Posted In Australia, International, Portals, Search, Technology, What's New

The Results Are In : Real Estate Portals Survey

The Australian Real Estate Portals Survey is now closed and the results are in.  Overall we had over 500 people who…

Posted In Australia, Portals

Sometimes it is what they don’t say that counts most! << Updated released their statistics on the prior month as they always do but something was different this time. It wasn’t that it…

Posted In Australia, Portals

News Limited Billing Home Sellers Direct?

As a part of connecting with real estate agents the Gold Coast Bulletin recently invited Gold Coast agents from different real…

Posted In Australia, Marketing, Media, Newspapers, Portals, Real Estate Agents, What's New

Australian Real Estate Portals Survey

When the major real estate portals conduct their own client surveys the questions are obviously limited and never compare them openly…

Posted In Australia, Portals

Aussie Real Estate Brands and How Google Might Be About To Deliver a Knockout Blow

Whilst there has been a great deal of discussion on the Google Real Estate launch here in Australia there may be…

Posted In Agent Websites, Real Estate Agents, Search, Technology

Review: Android Powered HTC Magic Smart Phone

For years there was a rumour that Google was going to release their own mobile phone but when the full truth…

Posted In Technology

Australian Real Estate SEO Part 2

This article is the second in the series to help Australian Real Estate Agents improve their traffic from optimizing their website….

Posted In Real Estate Agents, Search

REA Hypocrisy?

Giving Private Sellers access to list their property on has been a very hot topic recently. I first posted about…

Posted In Australia, Portals, Soapbox

Australian Real Estate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Part 1

Search engines are the  key to generating significant traffic on the internet. It can certainly be supplemented and enhanced by social…

Posted In Agent Websites, Marketing, Real Estate Agents, Search, Standards, Technology

The Ugly Side of Twitter For Real Estate Agents Online

Twitter is taking the Australian real estate industry by storm at the moment and I have to apologise about another post on the topic in such short time, but I think this is very important.

Posted In Social Networking, Twitter

My First 24 Hours on Twitter for Real Estate

Armed with the Twitter for Real Estate Twits ebook from the last article I posted I decided to jump into Twitter…

Posted In Facebook, Social Networking, Technology, Twitter

Twitter for Real Estate Agents

Anybody who has not recently heard about Twitter must have had their head in the sand. It has literally exploded over…

Posted In Social Networking, Technology, Twitter