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Contributing Editor
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Glenn Batten is the General Manager at First National Real Estate Nerang and Principal at the First National Real Estate Upper Coomera office and has over 20 years real estate experience and a passion for technology. Glenn has been writing from an agents perspective on industry issues and covering a range of topics on Business2 since 2007.

Recent blog posts written by Glenn Batten

A Property Portal – My Way

With Myhome soon leaving the local landscape soon I came to thinking of what would make the ultimate portal. I know…

Posted In Facebook, MySpace, Portals

Improve your email internet marketing results

Internet Marketing by real estate agents is often restricted to web based advertising , particularly individual agency websites and placement of…

Posted In Marketing, Software

Dust off those old dotcom domains

Registering and using multiple domains names was strategy used by many as a great tool for building your business and creating…

Posted In Search, Technology

An intranet is the communication link missing in many agents offices

When you only have a couple of people in an office the communication is normally very good. As an office grows…

Posted In Software, Technology

Interest rates and crystal balls

As we all know, interest rates rose again for the 12th time and many of the banks are expected to increase…

Posted In What's New

Anti Jenman Collection

This site seems to have been around for well over a year but I have only just discovered it and thought…

Posted In Research

A Quick Look at Hubonline’s CRM Capabilities

Peter posted recently about RealFutureCRM which is a US company specialising in CRM for the Real Estate Industry. That post created…

Posted In Software, Technology

Look to the Future

A great indicator for the latest technology of the day and what’s coming for the future is always found at the…

Posted In Technology

Top Ten Gadgets for Real Estate Agents

It’s nearly xmas so I thought I would create a list of the top 10 Gadgets for real estate agents. Some…

Posted In Technology

Privacy be damned!

Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626) once said “Knowledge is Power” Its nearly 2008 and even after 400 years things have…

Posted In Portals

Google Street View for Australia

Google has just announced that it will be bringing its ” Street View” images to Australia with images captured over the…

Posted In Search, Technology

The printed newspaper, a thing of the past?

Newspapers seem to be taking hit after hit at the moment as “New Media” is constantly creeping into its traditional core…

Posted In Media, Newspapers