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Ian Campbell is an expert at converting numbers into game-changing growth strategies. Using proven methodologies that interpret numbers in order to generate insight for improved business performance, Ian can identify game-changing opportunities and build a ‘Road Map’ for change. Ian is the industry authority on market share measurement and growth in real estate and has worked with numerous brands, agencies and industry bodies in order to identify opportunities for break-through growth.

Recent blog posts written by Ian Campbell

Building Your Agency’s Capability, Stability and Predictability

What would you prefer?  A predictable business or an unpredictable one?  Would you prefer to be able to predict your profitability…

Posted In Business, Marketing, Real Estate Agents

The Relevance of Premises for a Real Estate Business

It is always an interesting debate.  There are people who believe strongly that the requirement for a real estate business to…

Posted In Business, Marketing, Real Estate Agents