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Rupert Murdoch Rants

Rupert Murdoch has been throwing off protectionist rants of late to pretty much anybody that will listen. On the one hand…

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Trading Post closes down print versions! Ron Walker saves Fairfax?

When Telstra paid AUD $636 million for he Trading Post in 2004 many questioned yet another wasted acquisition for the Telco…

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News Limited Billing Home Sellers Direct?

As a part of connecting with real estate agents the Gold Coast Bulletin recently invited Gold Coast agents from different real…

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Internet + Journalism will save newspapers?

Much has been written about newspapers and their demise. We have all read stories of how newspapers are bleeding all over…

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The Death of a Newspaper

A great read and a moving story of a newspapers demise. After 149 years and 311 days, the Rocky Mountain News…

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Domain raises the bar – a little bit of love back to agents! (through Domain Property Data) recently announced a new initiative to up the ante to arch rival Here is a…, Fairfax, Just Sold,

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5 things that will NOT happen in 2009

We all like to predict what will happen in 2009 but I think it is easier to predict what will not…

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Real estate advertising gone wrong!

In the light-hearted spirit of the holidays, I submit these real estate classifieds ads, which are apparently from the US. (Editor…

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Dumb and Dumber Real Estate Awards 2008

Well what a year it has been, with just about every major company in the real estate and classifieds market vying…

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Smart marketing for the future!

The downturn the industry has endured over the past few years has been tough. However in these times the cream rises…

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Virtual Agents Revisited

A few posts in recent months have focussed on the concept of the virtual agent.  Dave Platter first commented on events…

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Interview with Simon Baker

On Thursday evening I had a phone hookup with Simon Baker, former Managing Director of We spoke about a range…

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Los Angeles Times Axes Real Estate Section

Inman News has reported that the LA Times newspaper is ceasing its publication of its weekly newspaper section. A section that…

Inman News, LA Times

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Whatever happened to?

We are all too busy looking forward that we sometimes forget to look back. I needed to find an old article…

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Marketing Real Estate: How much $ is enough?

How do you know how much to spend marketing real estate? Some interesting survey data that just became available should be…

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Is real estate’s mobile tipping point about to arrive?

People really don’t want to look for property on a pain-in-the-neck mobile device with poor usability, difficult buttons, a small screen…


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Traditional agents will be replaced?

In the new movie Jumper, the hero is an otherwise normal guy who just happens to be able to jump forward…

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The printed newspaper, a thing of the past?

Newspapers seem to be taking hit after hit at the moment as “New Media” is constantly creeping into its traditional core…

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Rural Press Mastheads to carry Domain

Fairfax today announced that all 150 Rural Press Mastheads in newspapers will now carry the brand. As well all Rural…

Domain, Rural Press

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Thinking about your ad spending?

It seems advertising agencies are really in a spin as to where large companies should spend their money. For the most…


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The Big Issue

Over the past few months we have seen a number of portals released. At my last count in my Firefox bookmarks…


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News Ltd Newspapers Property Sections Rebranded as

Well what a year so far – it seems that the ‘oneupmanship’ continues amongst the major players and now all News…

News Ltd, REA

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What can newspapers do now?

There is much debate in the Internet Industry about newspapers and many pundits have been writing them off as a spent…

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Media Ownership Laws

Has anyone noticed what has happened in the past few days in the wake of the changes to media ownership laws…


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