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Google Launches An Eye-Opening Report Into Latest Multi-Screen Usage + E-Ave Wrap Up

Google recently released an eye-opening report about multi-screen usage and the findings could help real estate agents plan and develop new…

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State of the Social (SotS) Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Twitter and Groupons buyout idiocy

2011 seems to be shaping as a year that will make or break some social media companies. In my opinion we…

Google, Groupons, Linkedin, MySpace, Twitter, Wikileaks, Yahoo

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YouTube or VidCall for your video content

A new video product in the US called VidCall has recently launched which is basically a TV and audio platform. Once…

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It’s Tribal, and it’s who we are

During the recent UK general election (American friends of mine were amazed at how quickly it was over, English friends bemoaned…

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Apple iPad – Master Stroke or White Elephant?

Firstly, I have to confess that I’m in love with the Apple brand. The iPod is one of the best consumer…

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Property Management’s First TV Channel Launches

Property Management site apmasphere have just announced the launch of aTV, property management’s first ever video channel. “aTV is dedicated to…

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Commercial News vs Public News

A war has erupted and it is being fought across the newspapers of the world and also in senate hearings. It…

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The Untapped Power Of Leveraging Real Estate Videos

In a recent press release, RE/MAX boast 99.9% of the national share of voice in TV advertising in the US for…

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Expert Experts Experts

As I wandered around this great country on my Christmas break, I had the welcome opportunity to relax and catch up…

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Glen McGrath, House, Insurance, Kevin Rudd

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5 things that will NOT happen in 2009

We all like to predict what will happen in 2009 but I think it is easier to predict what will not…

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Interview with Simon Baker

On Thursday evening I had a phone hookup with Simon Baker, former Managing Director of We spoke about a range…

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Is Your Website a Pipeline or a Bottleneck For Your Marketing Investment?

Promoting your brand in a positive way in consumers’ minds is an important aspect of growing your business and understandably can…

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Dumb and Dumber Awards 2007

Every year since 2004 I have been adding my own dumb and dumber awards. Usually is it a hard slog getting…

Domain, Fairfax, Microsoft, MyHome, Nine, PBL, Peter Ricci, REA, Realsearch, Sensis, Seven, Telstra, Ten, Yellow Pages

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Thinking about your ad spending?

It seems advertising agencies are really in a spin as to where large companies should spend their money. For the most…


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Broadband – Why the Liberal Party must follow Labor

Now, I am getting in way over my head. I do not really care for either party in this debate, but…

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My Home TV Debuts

My Home TV aired this morning for the first time at 10.00am in all major Australian Capitals except Hobart – which…


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2006 – My Awards

Here are some awards on the real estate portal market in 2006! BEST REAL ESTATE PORTAL has proven time and…


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Will MyHome be unique?

Many people are guessing about the development and what difference it will bring to the market and I am going…


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Can Packer owned MyHome take a bite?

So it seems the PBL owned new real estate portal will launch in January 2007, but more than likely they…


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Media Ownership Laws

Has anyone noticed what has happened in the past few days in the wake of the changes to media ownership laws…


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PBL to launch an online real estate portal!

News has been rife this last week that PBL would be launching an online Real Estate Portal to rival and…

MyHome, PBL

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Internet overtakes television in UK – new poll from Google claims!

If Free to Air television did not have enough problems with Pay TV taking market share and advertising revenues away from…


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PBL and Fairfax ….News and Channel 10

With New Media ownership laws coming into effect soon, we will see a big change in the news landscape. Here are…

Fairfax, News Ltd, PBL

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Are Franchises Finished?

Ok this is not going to win me too many friends but it has become clear to me that the value…


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