Archive | Portals 2016 Rates On Hold

It is around this time of year that the team at deliver their new rates for the upcoming period and…

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Whats Gone Wrong at ***UPDATED***

The team at Squiiz did an amazing job selling themselves and their concept to the industry to become partners in their…

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Is your future as dark as theirs?

Will real estate agents in Australia go the way of those in China — where the number one portal is competing…

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How to build a portal – Lessons from a success

One of the perennial themes on Business2 is the need for a strong competitor to and I’ve previously told…

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What Will Be The Effect of 2014 Market Based Pricing?

We recently discussed the new Market Based Pricing that new or renewing contracts with changes to from July 1st, 2014 but…

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Continue Reading 19 Prices Change Again – Market Based Pricing

The renewal for the subscription at our agency at Upper Coomera is up again and since we fall due in…

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Yesterday a new real estate portal launched in Australia. I know what you’re thinking that “oh god another real estate…, Jason Spencer

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Fairfax Media acquires Property Data Solutions

Wednesday, 11 December 2013: Fairfax Media has today announced the acquisition of property data and mapping provider, Property Data Solutions (PDS),…

PDS, Property Data Solutions

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REA Group released a press release yesterday indicating they are closing their business listing portal Realbusinesses. As a subscriber to our…

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NSW home owners can now easily gauge market interest for their property without committing to sell by registering with, an…

Liam Austin,

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Selling Your House – 10 Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Property Before You Sell

It is only natural that you want to achieve the highest sale price possible for your property. There are a few…

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In a completely stunning move the REIQ has delivered its own death blow to its fledgling property listing website at…

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Top 5 Property Hotspots in Australia

Australia is consistently one of the most popular destinations for property on The country’s sunny weather and relaxed lifestyle has…

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‘Insights to success’ champions the best of Australian real estate

Thursday, 1 August 2013: Today launched ‘insights to success’, its new knowledge-sharing online mentoring program exclusively for industry professionals. ‘Insights…

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New Homes and Land Property portal recently launched a new section called “Be Inspired”. With around 10,000 new property listings,…

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How Do The 2013 Price Rises and Subscription Changes Effect Your Real Estate Agency? Price Rises 2013 have changed the playing field with a radical shakeup of how they charge agents and for the most part agents…

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Another corporate digs its claws into our industry

 This latest move by Stayz has that same destructive grab and run feel about it. Sort of reminiscent of all over again….

Fairfax,, Stayz, YesBookit

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With traffic recently hitting 450,000 unique browsers in August, has launched a number of new features aimed at enriching the…, Investor Search channels

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Real Estate WA bites the dust

I’ve been advised (by a WA source) that Joondalup based Real Estate WA (a real estate newspaper in Perth’s northern suburbs)…,

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Fairfax Media (via The Stayz Group) acquires YesBookit

Today, Fairfax announced that The Stayz Group has acquired YesBookit, the leading holiday rental booking system for property managers. Developed by…

Fairfax Media acquires YesBookit, Justin Butterworth, Kevin Johnson Bade, Occupancy Pty Ltd, The Stayz Group, YesBookit

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New Domain Chinese launches

Domain has launched Domain Chinese today, the first property magazine for the Sydney Chinese community that not only features listings, but…, Domain Chinese, Matt Siddons

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Introducing the new, the luxury property website from the team behind, has just relaunched with a new more elegant look, better features…,,

Continue Reading 9 A Shining Star for Our Real Estate Industry + E-Ave Wrap Up

. Yesterday on The Electric Avenue Show – I shared an insight into how has become A Shining Star for Our…

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New way to search for House and Land Packages

Australia’s leading residential builders and developers have jumped on board a new web-based house and land matching service Launched to…

Australand, AVJennings, House and Land portal,

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