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Perth Property Scammers: Could It Happen Again?

It’s hard to believe, for some of us that people are still being scammed by people on the internet giving away…

Limnios, Perth Property, Property fraud

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A new website called that claims to “allow neighbours to interact in the same way they would on Facebook” is…

Albert Cohen, Australian Property Monitors,, RP Data

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Negative SEO – How a Competitor Can Destroy Your Google Rankings

This guest post has been provided by Paul Mulder who is a co-founder and current director of For Sale By Owner…

ByMyPlace, Destroy Your Google Rankings, for sale by owner, Negative SEO

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I am shocked — shocked— to find that kickbacks are going on in here. has been accused of offering old-fashioned kickbacks to agents who sign long-term advertising contracts. The big question is whether the…

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Judgement Day for Peter Mericka and Lawyers Real Estate

In a previous post I posed the question “Are Lawyers Real Estate Breaking The Law Or Not?”. Well, today Peter Mericka…

Consumer Affairs Victoria, Dr. Claire Noone, Lawyers Real Estate, Peter Mericka, Sifris J,, Supreme Court of Victoria

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Unsolicited Mail – Dead on Arrival

For a few years now I have been writing about unsolicited marketing materials landing in your traditional mailbox and how the…

James Packer, Nine, Yellow Pages

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We all remember a few years back where we broke the story about attempting to trademark the name “Real Estate”….


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The Creative Commons

If applications like iTunes present themselves as the ‘proverbial coffin’ for the music industry, Creative Commons provides the nails to hammer…

Creative Commons, iTunes, wikipedia

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NSW Residential Tenancy Bill 2010 looks like being pushed through Parliament

In a decision that is set to impact approx. 1 in 4 people within New South Wales, the new Residential Tenancy…

Minister for Fair Trading, REINSW, Residential Tenancy Bill 2010

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Is the NSW State Government the new Greece?

When you hear the words “quietly” and tax in the same sentence you know what you are about to hear is…

Global Financial Crisis, Greece, Land Transfer tax, NSW, Premier Keneally, Property tax, State Government

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How do you Feng Shui Pauline Hanson?

Along with real estate, travel has always been a passion of mine. The diverse cultures of the world are always a…

agents, China, Chinese, Feng Shui, Pauline Hanson, Racial Profiling

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Residential Tenancies Bill 2009

The Government has taken very limited industry consultation on the proposed Residential Tenancies Bill 2009 and the result weighs heavily in…

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IP Australia clarifies trademark application

This is a letter from IP Australia in relation to the trademark application. April 2008 Statement regarding‚ There has…

IP Australia, REA

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REA registers trade mark

Update: The REA Application has been passed by IP Australia, however this still can be rejected and is under review. There…

REA, Shaun Di Gregorio, Trademarks

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