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The Real Estate Community Facebook Group Eclipses 2000 Members + E-Ave Wrap Up

 Who says that real estate agents don’t like to share their marketing ideas? In fact, nothing could be further from the…

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Best Practice Retreat Hamilton Island – Cutting Edge Web Design

I had the good fortune of addressing some of the best and brightest real estate agencies in Australia at the Best…

Android, Apple iPhone 5, Google, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools

Continue Reading 2 A Shining Star for Our Real Estate Industry + E-Ave Wrap Up

. Yesterday on The Electric Avenue Show – I shared an insight into how has become A Shining Star for Our…

Charlie Gunningham, Doorknocking, Facebook, Layar, Property Videos,, REIWA,, Twitter

Continue Reading 0 Launches: The Social Network for Real Estate & Property + E-Ave Wrap Up

. There’s a brand new player in the Australian Online Property Market and finally it’s not just another FREE Property Portal,…

Banner Advertising,, Greg Ellis,,, residex, Social Media for Real Estate, Sold Magazine

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McGrath Joins Facebook, How To Sell A Property Using Social Media? + E-Ave Wrap Up

In what has been a long awaited and highly anticipated arrival, yesterday McGrath made the strategic marketing move to join the…

Braden Walters, Facebook, Griffith Real Estate, mcgrath,, real estate video marketing, Social Media for Agents, Tony Santolin, True Property

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Become A ‘Stand-Out’ Real Estate Agent + E-Ave Wrap-Up

On Today’s Electric Avenue Show– I shared an insight into Becoming A ‘Stand-Out’ Real Estate Agent, and why a lot of the…

Electric Avenue, Greg Vincent, Linkedin, Purple Cow, Seth Godin, Web 1.0, web 2.0

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How to Shoot a Great Video and Engage Your Audience!

It doesn’t really matter what your audience is, whether it be real estate, fitness or social services – if you are…

Corcoran Group

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Online video marketing skyrockets for business in 2012

Australian businesses are devoting more of their marketing budget to online video than ever before, as viewing trends skyrocket with latest…

Daniel Goldstein, Nick Dowling, Visual Domain

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Microsoft buys Skype for 8.5 Billion

Microsoft has purchased Skype for an incredible 8.5 billion (thats around $36 Australian Dollars) in a deal most believe is to…

google voice, Microsoft, Screenr, Skype

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Time to KILL OFF real estate cliches?

When dealing with a medium as relatively new to real estate as ‘video’, its application demands a big re-think around dialogue….

Real Estate Cliches, Video

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WordPress – A CMS in Action

We use WordPress not only for publishing on this site, but also for the majority of our clients websites. Today I…

CMS, Screenr, Vimeo, WordPress

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Towards the Holy Grail of HDR 3D Video

The later part of 2011 could see ‘real estate video’ surpass ‘real estate photography’ in its one area of weakness. That of…

3D-HDR, Canon, HD Video, HDR

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Does Sex Sell Real Estate?

I don’t really want to give this video any more exposure than it has already had, but it’s polarised the industry…

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YouTube or VidCall for your video content

A new video product in the US called VidCall has recently launched which is basically a TV and audio platform. Once…

real estate video, real estate video marketing, realty tube,, vidcall,, Youtube real estate

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Crowd Accelerated Innovation

In the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion in online video. The world now watches 80 million hours of YouTube…

Bruce Barton, Chris Anderson, Crowd Accelerated Innovation, LXD, online video, Ted, The League of Extraordinary Dancers, Wired

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The Race to the Bottom

I was going to call this post ‘Do Quality Marketing Materials Really make a difference?’ It is a question worth discussing….

FlipHD, Google Maps, Google Street View

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Creating New Media for new Mediums

HTML5 and the iPad will change the way we consume online media. But what’s it going to take to change how…

Apple, Cinematography, HD Video, HTML5, Retina

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Former Miss Australia & TV Stars Are Playing A Role In Real Estate

A couple of weeks ago I met with former Miss Australia, Caroline Pemberton and spoke at length with her about the…

Caroline Pemberton, Miss Australia, Real Estate in Motion, TV Stars

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Who Would Have Ever Dreamt It Possible?

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile he set a whole new mindset for a world of possibilities and now…

3D Floor Plans, Google, Network, property video, vitual tours

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10 Ways Real Estate Agents Could Use The Apple iPad

Will the recent launch of the Apple iPad mean the end of the Listing Presentation Folder or FlipChart style presentation? Will…

Apple, Future of Real Estate Marketing, iPad, Print Media

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GOLD COAST FOR SALE. On Network Ten Or. The questions, and issues surrounding aggregating ‘content’ and giving new relevance to old media. A lot us talk about…

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Ban adjectives in property films

When one of the country’s best news directors, Peter Meakin, ( crossed from what was then the No 1 News Network…

Adjectives, Barney McGrath, Video

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Having Your Cake and Eating it Too. What the 5DMII is doing to real estate marketing

About December, last year Canon released the 5DMII – a DSLR camera delivering 1080p video. The full-frame camera totally blew Nikon’s…

5DMII, Canon, Nikon, RED, Sony

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