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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our readers, contributors and people who have never heard of us before. If you…

Merry Christmas, Xmas

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SOBOX + PropertyAd Guru have closed their doors

After less than 18 months has recently closed its doors. At its launch SOBOX (Short for Social Media in a…

Classified Ad Ventures, Property Ad Guru, Simon Baker, Sobox

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Steve Jobs Departs Apple

Today, Steve Jobs has announced he is leaving Apple after probably the most successful stint as CEO in recent corporate history….

Apple, Steve Jobs

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Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, do’s and don’ts for the real estate agent!

Rachelle Hirt

Over the past year or so we have seen the rise of Real Estate Agents using Facebook to promote their business…

Facebook, Google Reader, Rachelle Hirt, Rachelle Hirt Group, Twitter, WordPress

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Lucky you’re with AAMI

Unless you have been hiding under a rock of late you will no doubt have heard that AAMI are closing all…

AAMI, Domain, Facebook API, Google Webmaster Tools, hubonline, Microsoft Bing Webmaster, Portplus, REA,, Twitter Developer Tools, WordPress, Yahoo Web Services

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Blogging: Understanding Blog Etiquette

If you already have a blog or are thinking of starting one, there are a few things to consider regarding etiquette….

Glenn Batten, Greg Vincent, Robert Simeon, WordPress

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The Hypocrisy of Content and the Coming Revolution

In Australia we have two Real Estate portals who maintain a duopoly on internet real estate listings. Both of these Portals…

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Where is the value in modern-day Australian Real Estate?

Note: is now accepting guest articles from our readers. We have a simple criteria for acceptance, the main one being…

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Long Forgotten Internet History

I have just realised that tomorrow the 17th of Feb (or that could be today, or even yesterday, depending on when…, Google,

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Unsolicited Mail – Dead on Arrival

For a few years now I have been writing about unsolicited marketing materials landing in your traditional mailbox and how the…

James Packer, Nine, Yellow Pages

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Does Sex Sell Real Estate?

I don’t really want to give this video any more exposure than it has already had, but it’s polarised the industry…

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3 Online Solutions for Agents to Watch Out For in 2011

Each and every year we see new online solutions or technology that enter our industry, many are raised and discussed here…

mobile,,,, Video

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11 New Year’s resolutions for 2011

As technology moves along apace at break neck speed, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all just too hard….

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2010 a year in technology and real estate

What a year we’ve had, from politics to prose there have been some big things happen in the world of technology…


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Dirty Tricks by the Harcourts Real Estate Group?

Most real estate agencies are not that proactive when it comes to the Internet. One of the advantages of belonging to…

Google API, Harcourts

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Why I love Google Premium Apps

From the get go I should point out that these days I have a bias against Microsoft and the way it…

Apple, Google, Google Premium Apps, Microsoft

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Why blogging can set you apart!

No matter whether you are a real estate agency or an individual agent, blogging has become a big differentiator between many…

Drupal, Expression Engine, Joomla, Movable Type, Text Pattern, WordPress

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You be the judge…are Lawyers Real Estate breaking the law or not?

As a licensed real estate agent within the state of NSW, if I was to open a business as Greg Vincent…

Lawyers Real Estate, Peter Mericka, REA Group,,

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Yet Another Stuff Up!!! Where is Our Data Going?

This is the question that an agent posed to me earlier today after yet another stuff up by the big boys….

Commonwealth Bank, REA Group,, RP Data

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Why Google will win the war – it is not even fighting!

Google will overcome the teething problems with its real estate proposition and disrupt the business models of property portals across the…

Google, MLS,

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Sir Les Flatulence State of the Union Speech

My fellow real estate agents! It recently came to my attention that I had not penned a piece in a while,…

Sir Les Flatulence

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An 11 year real estate online business case study

Having just sold a real estate online business, almost eleven years to the day after it was founded, I thought I’d share…

Aussie Home

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A Truly Open NBN a must for future of Australian Technology Sector

The year is 2015 and local Melbourne Sweeney real estate agent Melissa Hansson has just stepped into her 2014 Honda Civic….

google voice, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro, NBN, Paul Budde, QR Code, Sweeney's, Telstra, WIMAX

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NSW Residential Tenancy Bill 2010 looks like being pushed through Parliament

In a decision that is set to impact approx. 1 in 4 people within New South Wales, the new Residential Tenancy…

Minister for Fair Trading, REINSW, Residential Tenancy Bill 2010

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