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Ask Peter – What is the most important aspect of an Agents website?

Well this is not so tough – it is usability. Too often Agents think of themselves when developing a website. Think…

Listing Management

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Ask Peter – What is the state of the market in Hobart?

Well this is not a field I have expertise in and as such I cannot offer advice that is worthwhile. Unfortunately…


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2006 Report – The Year Ahead

Ok, it is this time of year again when I start to make predictions as to the future in Real Estate…

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Google Earth a Real threat to!

Ok,I have downloaded and used Google Earth now for about 4 weeks, I actually had the first version but Australia was…

Google, Sensis, Whereis

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Workplace Relations Reforms – A little Rant

With so much focus nationally on workplace relations reforms I thought I would put my two bob’s worth in. Why you…

Work Choices

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Thank Heaven’s for the Internet!!!!!

Remember the good old days when in slower times we had to spend more money advertising in local newspaper real estate…

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Poor Tesltra

This past 4 weeks it has been increasingly obvious that the US led team at Telstra is not happy with regulations…


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Are Franchises Finished?

Ok this is not going to win me too many friends but it has become clear to me that the value…


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Rate rises + marketing plan!

Anyone knows that when interest rates rise (any points) it does have an impact on the property market. This rate rise…


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Jenman System Fading

Now that we have entered tougher times for selling, is the Jenman System fading away? My view is yes. The rise…


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Interesting Chat and the reasons behind this web blog.

Having only just got off the phone with Simon Baker CEO of after an interesting 30 or so minutes of…

REA, Simon Baker

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Question from D Stevens – The right Portals

As this weblog is becoming more and more popular, I have been asked anumber of questions, which I have taken the…


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2005 Predictions

2005 Predictions – Happy New Year to all readers! Whilst it is always a little hit and miss with predictions on…

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2005 Agent Resolutions.

1. I will take control of the Internet. The days of redirecting your traffic are over. Any Agency that re-directs their…

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How to minimise SPAM in your workplace

Many Agents I speak to tell me they are inundated with SPAM and I have compiled a list of must do’s…

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Jenman Jenman Jenman

Neil Jenman is passionate, he is also a smart cunning businessman. Take an Industry where eithics are questioned in some parts…


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Why WIMAX will change the way we Communicate?

Grab your laptop, mobile phone, pda, music player, camera, come to think of it any device will be connected. WIMAX is…


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