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Nielson Netratings Downgrade Page Views

Nielson Netratings has decided that its prime measurement tool will now be time spent on a site per unique visitor rather…

Nielson Netratings

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XML Initiative – Your Ideas

Just a quick one. I want to get all of your ideas of what you think the Open XML Initiative should…


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First National Conference by Glenn

I thought this was a very interesting article by Glenn and I think it warrants a post of its own. —————————————————————————–…

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Thinking about your ad spending?

It seems advertising agencies are really in a spin as to where large companies should spend their money. For the most…


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Why you need to be RSS Ready – Microsoft Office 2007 is!

I know these types of articles are not as popular as some others but I believe this is the most important…


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Neilson Netratings just does not add up! (update)

I recently asked an acquaintance of mine who works in marketing for a major franchise if he could supply me with…

Neilson Netratings

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Choosing your Domain name

I remember a few years ago talking to an agent about their domain name choice and hearing him say to me…

Domain Names

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No excuses on Firefox browser compatability!

For some 2 years now web developers have known about Internet Explorer’s (the software you use to browse the Internet) open…


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Why Frames Suck

If you are one of the 5000 (that is 50%) of Australian Agents that have their site developed with frames then…

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Real Estate Institutes – Time to Stand Tall

With so many print guides on the market maybe it is time for a complete re-think over the roles the Real…

Real Estate Institutes

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A big Hit!

One thing that frustrates me more than anything else is web site owners/operators stating the amount of “hits” they get in…

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